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0649《专科英语一》词汇和结构复习题Ⅰ.请从四个选项中,选出最合适的答案。1. My parents had trouble to living in an apartment.A. adopting B. adjusting C. letting D. making2. He didn’t want to become a of his family. A. weight B. load C. stress D. burden3. The company is starting a new advertising campaign(广告战) to ____ new customers to its stores.A. join B. attract C. stick D. transfer4. Professors should repeating in lectures material that is in the textbook.A. avoid B. prevent C. refuse D. refute5. If the tree falls that way, it will the house.A. destroy B. hurt C. spoil D. break6. I’d like to a special seat for the concert of May 5. A. serve B. reserve C. preserve D. conserve7. I hope we can before noon. A. depart B. come C. set D. fix8. He tried to with the manager for his salary.A. evaluate B. object C. bargain D. pause9. It is expected that credit cards will eventually paper money in the future. A. replace B. trade C. reduce D. exchange10. Mr. Smith is too busy to any time except for Sunday afternoon.A. spare B. provide C. supply D. bring11. Abraham Lincoln was _______ President of the United States. A. 16 B. the 16 C. 16th D. the 16th A. us B. our C. ours D. ourselves117. This is not my dictionary. It’s .A. her B. his C. your D. their118. This question is too difficult, and everyone is .A. at one’s wits end B. in his wits end C. at his wits’ end D. out of his wits end119. After going through his composition, I think most of his writing rubbish.A. are   B. is   C. were    D. was120. His first name is Tom.A. a B. an C. the D. /121. She had lost her notebook, would you like to lend her______?A. your B. yours C. yourself D. mine122. John behaved so strangely today. I thought he wasn’t acting like______.A. him B. himself C. he would D. he does123. Michael ______ be a policeman, for he’s much too short. A. needn’t B. can’t C. should D. may124. ______ I know your name? A. May B. Will C. Shall D. Must125. There ______ a lot of people waiting for the bus. A. are B. is C. were D. was126. poet and writer is to give us a report tomorrow.A. A; a B. The; / C. The; the D.A; the 127. Smiths are invited to their wedding.A. A B. An C. The D./128. She didn’t know information had been known by the public.A. how many B. how muchC. how many of the D. the number of129. I wonder why are so interested in action movies A. the peoples B. peoples C. the people D. people130. Children should make for old people in a bus. A. room B. a room C. rooms D. the room 131. Some came to our school for a visit that day. A. Germans B. Germen C. Germany D. Germanies132. They found _______ very hard to get to sleep.A. them B. it C. that D. its133. ______ school is larger than ______.A. Our; your B. Our; yours C. Ours; yours D. We; you1313. Look out! The knife is very sharp. You ______ cut your finger. A. need B. must C. should D. may135. ---How long ______ the book be kept?---For two weeks, but you ______ return it on time. A. can; may B. may; need C. can; must D. must; need136. As honest judge, he tried to protect people.A. an; the B. a; the C. the; / D. the; the 137. He has tried twice, and he is asked to have third try.A. the B. another C. a D.one138. Three years had passed. I found he had .A. a few white hair B. a few white hairsC. some white hair D. much white hair139. Many species of animals which once lived on the earth no longer in existence.A. is B. are C. was D. were140. In Britain the are all pained red. A. letter boxes B. letters box C. letters boxes D. letter box141. There are other techniques that might help you your studying. A. with B. at C. into D. over 142. A person who talks to is not necessarily mad. A. himself B. oneself C. yourself D. itself 143. Can this camera good photos? A. make B. to make C. take D. to take 144. Who was the first person today? A. spoke to you B. whom you spoke to C. you spoke D. whom you spoke 145. Even students of average can be top students without additional work. A. diligent B. diligence C. intelligent D. intelligence 146. Processed food and food contains chemicals and preservatives(防腐剂) should be avoided. A. when B. where C. which D. who 147. We expected about 20 girls but there were people there. A. another B. others C. some D. more 148. Food alone is not the of energy. A. source B. resource C. force D. grocer 149. This morning our water supply was because the pipe burst. A. cut away B. cut down C. cut off D. cut up 150. Quite a lot of people watch TV only to time. A. waste B. spend C. kill D. past 151. Tom’s parents died when he was young, so he was by his uncle. A. brought up B. brought out C. grown up D. taken out 152. Molly doesn’t eat fish. . A. So doesn’t John. B. Neither does John. C. John doesn’t too. D. John doesn’t either. 153. a single mom made things even more difficult. A. Be B. Being C. Is D. Was 154. The girl the bicycle is Jane. A. riding on B. driving in C. riding in D. driving on 155. Tom is waiting the doctor. A. to see B. to seeing C. for see D. for seeing 156. I’m not sure which restaurant . A. to eat on B. eating at C. to eat at D. for eating 157. Do not express shock for what you hear matter how shocking it might seem. A. not B. never C. no D. none 158. When you go abroad, do you take your passport? A. have to B. ought to C. need D. must 159. It was that he couldn’t finish it alone. A. a so difficult work B. a so difficult job C. such a difficult job D. such a difficult work 160. As we took our seats on the bus, I noticed a woman with a young adult close to us. A. sit B. be sit C. sitting D. sits 161. You must obtain from the landowner to fish in this river. A. permission B. omission C. celebration D. graduation 162. I can’t understand at that poor child. A. you to laugh B. you laugh C. why laugh D. your laughing 163. The portraits(肖像画) look like them, but I was still unsure of my painting techniques. A. did B. does C. to do D. doing 164. That’s the hotel last year. A. which we stayed B. at which we stayed at C. where we stayed at D. where we stayed 165. The good service at the hotel the poor food to some extent. A. made up for B. made up C. made for D. made out 166. It’s very cold outside. You put on your overcoat. A. had better to B. would better to C. had better D. would better 167. Make use of your time in class. A. good B. bad C. careless D. inadequate 168. Review important points in class as well as points you remain confused about. A. mention B. mentioned C. mentioning D. to mention 169. There was a house at . A. the mountain foot B. the foot of the mountain C. the feet of the mountain D. the mountain’s foot 170. Tests provide grades, but they also let you know what you need to spend more time and they help make your new knowledge permanent. A. to study B. study C. studied D. studying 171. The little boy put the bird in a cage to it from flying away. A. avoid B. prevent C. hinder D. resist 172. his wealth, John is not very happy. A. Beside B. Because of C. In spite of D. Besides 173. I have classes day: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A. each other B. every other C. on one way or another D. any other 174. He sent from Canada. A. her a card B. to her a card C. card to her D. to her card 175. Her plane takes at 3 p.m. A. up B. off C. on D. in 176. I bacon and eggs every morning. A. am used to eat B. used to eating C. am used to eating D. am using to eat 177. His grandmother born in France. A. has B. been C. is D. was 178. I walked the Seventh Avenue to catch a bus. A. until B. as long as C. as far as D. till 179. My husband lived at home before we were married, and so . A. did I B. had I C. I had D. I did 180. We haven’t got furniture like theirs in our home. A. a B. the C. some D. any 181. People say fish and chips is typical Britain. A. of B. from C. to D. with 182. His face is to me, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen her. A. similar B. familiar C. friendly D. alike 183. The music that Americans are used to to might sound strange to someone from another culture. A. listen B. be listened C. listening D. listened 184. Plants depend the sun for their growth. A. on B. to C. with D. at 185. Today, many cultures divide music art music and music of the people. A. from B. into C. over D. beneath 186. Our plane down at 7: 00 p.m. to be exact. A. let B. visited C. landed D. touched 187. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he her. A. cried B. told C. apologized D. said 188. The cold and dry climate of Antarctica(南极洲) it one of the toughest places on Earth to live. A. produces B. manufactures C. does D. makes 189. Sea birds penguins(企鹅) live on the Antarctic Peninsula(南极半岛), because the weather isn’t quite so terrible there. A. like B. dislike C. likely D. unlikely 190. The Queen of Heaven was so angry she had Zhi Nu brought back to heaven. A. this B. that C. these D. those 191. A few of are planning to drive to Beijing during the spring break. A. we girls B. us girls C. girls we D. girls 192. I suggested fishing. A. that we going B. that we to go C. that we go D. that we went 193. The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the only Chinese festival devoted love in the Lunar calendar(农历). A. at B. to C. in D. on 194. I can’t remember her name. It’s on the of my tongue. A. end B. point C. top D. tip 195. The outside of our house was painted blue. A. before B. firstly C. originally D. lastly196. His long raised fears about his safety. A. absent B. absentee C. absenting D. absence 197. As a visitor or guest in either a Chinese home or restaurant you will find that manners are important to the enjoyment of your meals and keep you in high spirits! A. desk B. table C. chair D. bench 198. It seemed as if all of a the animal had smelt danger in the air. A. sudden B. moment C. minute D. once 199. The tradition of using chopsticks(筷子) was introduced many other countries. A. with B. of C. from D. to 200. The invention of compass(指南针) the wisdom of Chinese ancient people. A. deflects B. reflects C. conflicts D. relicts 参考答案:1-5 BDBAA 6-10 BACAA 11-15DADCA 16-20CBBBA 21-25BABDD 26-30 BBADA 31-35CBDDC 36-90BDDDD 91-95BDADB 96-50CBCBD 51-55BBDAD 56-60 DACBB 96-50 AADDC 51-55 CABAA 56-60 ADCDC 61-65 BCBAD 66-70BBAAD 71-75 BCBBC 76-80CCAAC 81-85ADCAB 86-90 DBBAC 91-95BDBBD 96-100BDCAD 101-105DCBBA 106-110 BADCB 111-115 ADCDB 116-120ABCBD 121-125 BBBAA 126-130 BCBDA 131-135ABBDC 136-140 ACCBA141-145 AACBD 146-150 CDACC 151-155 ABBAD 156-160 CCACC 161-165 ADADA166-170 CABBD 171-175 BCBAB 176-180 CDCAD 181-185 ABCAB 186-190 CBDAB191-195 BCBDC 196-200 DBADB.Ⅱ 将括号中的各词变为适当的形式填入相应的文本输入区。1. He speaks French as if he (be) a native speaker.2. Her daughter is majoring in (economy) at People’s University.3. It was very (consider) of you to offer your seat to the old woman.4. They will never allow anyone (smoke) in the classroom.5. Just at that time many a taxi driver (be) going on strike(罢工). 6. The first modern Olympics (hold) in Athens in 1896.7. He was (response) for the death of the little girl.8. Who knows the specific(具体的) time of his ( arrive ) ?9. I will tell it to him as soon as I (meet) him.10. It is no use (argue) with such a stupid man.11. Hardly had we arrived at the airport when the plane (take) off.12. He felt very (bore) as the movie is not to his taste. 13. All the steps (take) by them are fully practical(实用的).14. Since his room is too dirty and messy, it needs (clean) and tidying.15. Mrs. Green, (direct) of our company, is respected by all of us.16. She lost (conscious), and her friend Mike helped bring her round(恢复知觉).17. Teachers spoke (high) of his good performance in the competition(比赛).18. He requested that all the students (hand) in the composition before Friday.19. This sofa is by far (comfortable) than the previous(以前的) one.20. The boss should (strength) his management in order to make more profit.参考答案:1. were 2. economics 3. considerate 4. to smoke 5. was6. were held 7. responsible 8. arrival 9. meet 10. Arguing11. took 12. bored 13. taken 14. cleaning/to be cleaned 15. Director16. consciousness 17. highly 18. hand/should hand 19. more comfortable 10. strengthen 12. Do you think there is any room for us ________ ? A. two B. the two C. second D. the second13. “What's the date today?” “It's _________.” A. Tuesday B. June Fourth C. June the four D. June the fourth14. have known each other for ten years. A. I, you and he B. He, you and I C. You, he and I D. You, he and me15. My watch is old, but is new. A. his B. her C. your D. it’s16. Could you help _____ with _______ English, please? A. I, my B. me, me C. me, my D. my, I17. They come from different .A. country B. countries C. a country D. countrys 18. How many ______ do you see in the picture? A. tomatos B. tomatoes C. tomato D. the tomato19. English is___ useful language in ___ world. A. an, the B. a, the C. the, / D. /, the 20. Beijing is ___ capital of our country. A. the B. an C. / D. a 21. —______ I finish the work today? — No, you ______. A. Must, can’t B. Must, needn’t C. May, needn’t D. Can, mustn’t22. John ________ come to see us tonight, but he isn't very sure yet. A. may B. can C. has to D. must23. __________ late again next time. A. Be B. Don’t be C. Don’t to be D. Not be24. There ________ a football match in our school this afternoon. A. are going to have B. is going to have C. are going to be D. is going to be 25. Mother isn’t ______a book, but she’s ______TV. A. seeing; seeing B. looking at; watching C. watching; looking D. reading; watching26. The mother was filled with about her son’s health. A. disappointment B. anxiety C. fright D. eagerness27. Some people argue that ____ regulations(规章制度) for water pollution will drive up costs. A. firm B. tight C. tense D. close28. At Christmas it was for people to have turkey as the main course.A. customary B. regular C. always D. often29. She was forced to early from teaching because of illness. A. relax B. relieve C. retreat D. retire30. She now helps in a local school as a . A. volunteer B. voluntary C. employment D. employer31. He that the money had been paid. A. spoke B. called C. confirmed D. talked32. She is a woman who is certain of her ideas and actions. A. aware B. confident C. important D. average33. We will double the number of Safer Cities Schemes to cover 40 _____ areas.A. industrial B. remote C. rural D. urban34. The fat woman, who wants to get slim, has to herself to two meals a day.A. make B. prevent C. keep D. restrict35. It is one of the poorest countries in Western Europe natural resources. A. in the form of B. by means of C. in terms of D. on the basis of36. Who will know how to the system? A. permit B. operate C. employ D. found37. My daughter likes to describe(描述) her dreams to me.A. fantasy B. false C. lovely D. fantastic38. Do you think we should the price? A. demand B. need C. want D. lower39. After she became a lawyer, she decided to in contract(契约)law. A. study B. learn C. contribute D. specialize40. I that he had gone out for a walk. A. made B. took C. remarked D. assumed41. Which number is wrong? _______. A. Ninety B. Ninteen C. Ninth D. Nineteenth42. The basketball team of our school ranks ________ in the match. A. three B. third C. the three D. the third 43. Lincoln was born on ________. A. February 12, 1809 B. 1809, February 12 C. 1809, 12 February D. February 1809, 1244. are all fourteen years old.A. I, she and you B. She, you and IC. I, you and see D. You, she and I45. She had lost her notebook, would you like to lend her ?A. your B. yours C. yourself D. mine46. Most of ______like Chinese food.  A. they B. their C. them D. theirs47. I wonder why ______ are interested in action films(武打片). A. the people B. people C. peoples D. the peoples48. There are some ______ in these _______. A. knifes…pencil-boxes B. knives…pencils-box C. knives…pencil-boxes D. knives…pencils-boxes49. Mr Li is ___ old worker. A. a B. an C. some D. /40. He usually goes to school on ___ foot. A. a B. an C. the D. /51. You go and see a doctor at once because you've got a fever. A. can B. must C. dare D. would52. ---Can you play Frisbee(飞盘), Tom? ---Yes, I ________. It's easy. A. must B. can C. need D. may53. Cindy, ________ to be here at 8 o’clock.A. is sure B. is sure that C. will be sure D. be sure54. There ________ no tea in the cup. A. is B. are C. has D. be 55. What is he doing?” “He ___________ music.”A. listening B. is listening C. listens to D. is listening to56. On formal _______, people pay more attention to manners. A. situations B. cases C. conditions D. occasions57. He is trying to the family's expenses. A. reduce B. release C. relax D. relive58. Poor and excess(过量) smoking will seriously damage the health of your hair.A. eat B. foods C. diet D. meal59. Please practice English as much as you can. A. speak B. speaking C. spoke D. to speak60. You’ll soon get used to ___________ in the country. A. live B. living C. to live D. lived61. My parents had trouble to living in an apartment.A. adopting B. adjusting C. letting D. making62. He that the money had been paid. A. spoke B. called C. confirmed D. talked63. I’d like to a special seat for the concert of May 5. A. serve B. reserve C. preserve D. conserve 64. Our company’s service is in nearly 50 countries around the world. A. available B. careful C. natural D. relative65. Who will know how to the system? A. permit B. found C. employ D. operate66. —Oh! I came in a hurry and forgot to bring food.—Never mind. You can have______.A. us B. ours C. you D. yours67. —Whose book is this?—It’s______.A. my B. mine C. me D. I68. Even though I have only , let me pay the bill.A. a few dollars B. few dollars C. a little dollar D. little dollar69. Many animals in the forest died in last .A. winter’s heavy snow B. winter’s heavily snowsC. winter heavy snow D. winter heavy snows70. plane my friend took flew west.A. A; the B. A; a C. The; the D. The; / 71. Do not make any noise in class.A. a B. / C. the D. an72. In February, there are only _________ days. A. twenty nine B. twenty-nineth C. twenty-nine D. twenty eight 73. There will be a comedy on TV at ________ this evening. A. seven past thirty B. half past seven C. seven the thirty D. thirty to seven 74. I tired last night. A. became B. felt C. looked D. am75. Her face pale(苍白)when she heard the bad news. A. got B. is C. turned D. was 76. your father a new computer?A. Is;have B. Do;have C. Does;have D. Does;has77. Who over there now? A. singing B. are sing C. is singing D. sing 78. Look! The twins _____ the new sweaters. A. are wearing B. wearing C. are wear D. is wearing79. --Again, my computer doesn't work. -- must be something wrong with the CPU. A. There B. That C. It D. This 80. There __ anything new in today's newspaper. A.is B. are C. isn't D. aren't 81. The TV is too loud. Please . A. turn it down B. to turn it down C. turn down it D. to turn down it82. _______ cross the road until the traffic lights turn green. A. Not B. Won't C. Doesn't D. Don't83. Mr Wang ______ be in Nanjing now, he went to Beijing only this morning. A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t84. ---Must I stay at home, Mum? ---No, you ______. A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. don’t D. may not85. To make our city more beautiful, rubbish ______ into the river. A. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrownC. can’t throw D. may not throw86. On formal _______, people pay more attention to manners. A. situations B. cases C. conditions D. occasions 87. The mother was filled with about her son’s health. A. disappointment B. anxiety C. fright D. eagerness88. The young boy has a variety of hobbies, which ________ from classical music to online games. A. change B. vary C. extend D. alter 89. He is trying to the family's expenses. A. reduce B. release C. relax D. relive90. The ____ to ensure(确保) a bright future for myself pushed me to study harder.A. crisis B. idea C. pressure D. thought91. birds can fly very high in sky.A. The; a B. The; the C. The; / D. / ; /92. “What's the date today?” “It's _______.” A. the fourth of may B. the fourth May C. May four D. May the fourth93. There are ________ stars in the sky. A. million of B. millions of C. the million D. a million of 94. My brother a teacher. He his pupils very much. A. is, like B. is, likes C. are, likes D. are, like95. ---How many days ____ there in a week? ---There ____ seven. A. is, is B. are, is C. is, are D. are, are96. ________ they have any sports collections? Yes, they ________. A. Are, are B. Do, do C. Can, do D. Do, can97. It’s eight o’clock. The students an English class. A. have B. having C. is having D. are having 98. Listen! The baby in the next room. A. crying B. cried C. is crying D. cries99. There __ some milk, some eggs and a few apples on the table. A. is B. are C. has D. have 100. there books on the shelf ? A. Are a B. Is a C. Have some D. Are any ﹔ ﹔ ﹔ ﹔101. ---Can you go swimming with us this afternoon? ---Sorry, I can’t. I _____ take care of my little sister at home because my mother is ill. A. can B. may C. would D. have to102. ---May I go to the cinema, Mum? ---Certainly. But you ______ be back by 11 o’clock. A. can B. may C. must D. need103. _______ late again, Bill! A. Don't to be B. Don't be C. Not be D. Be not104. Please help me carry it, ______? A. will I B. will you C. shall I D. shall we105. ---May I go out to play basketball, Dad?---No, you ______. You must finish your homework first.A. mustn’t B. may not C. couldn’t D. needn’t106. Some people argue that ____ regulations(规章制度) for water pollution will drive up costs and put jobs at risk. A. firm B. tight C. tense D. close107. Can you ___________ an insect having eight eyes and still having poor eyesight? A. imagine B. suppose C. think D. expect108. His constant _____ with his peers(同龄人) has left its mark on his growth. A. consent B. contract C. context D. contact109. Poor and excess(过量) smoking will seriously damage the health of your hair.A. eat B. foods C. diet D. meal110. How does she manage to keep her ________ when she eats so much?A. body B. figure C. state D. outline111. In his opinion, success in life depends on how we get along with other people. A. mainly B. majorly C. personally D. friendly112. I my firm to attend that meeting last week. A. showed B. presented C. referred D. represented113. The booking office sells tickets 3 days . A. in the end B. at last C. in advance D. in time114. It is said that the management will food and drink. A. benefit B. profit C. finish D. provide 115. That country claimed that its nuclear were safe. A. instruments B. facilities C. tools D. devices116. We decided to go for a field trip with some friends of .
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