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中考重点句式一【巩固练习】 I.单项选择。1. Many girls are afraid of ______ out at night.A. to go  B. go  C. going  D. goes2. — Where is your mother?— She is busy _______ dinner for us at home.A. to cook B. cooks C. cook D. cooking3. -Are you ______ for the class? -Yes. Let’s begin.A. ready B. sorry C. happy  D. tired4. Our teacher lets us ______ English every morning.A. to read B. read  C. reading D. reads5. Kelly cooked dinner _____ her parents while they were cleaning the yard.A. to B. for  C. with D. at6. —Why did your brother come here? -He came here to ask ______ computer games.A. how to play  B. when can he play C. for play D. how playing7. It was time for them_____ basketball when we got there.A. play B. to play C. for play D. played8. It’s interesting _______ in the park.A. for us playing soccer B. for us to have a picnic C. of us have a rest D. of us play soccer9. I would rather ______ a dozen cherry trees than that you should tell me one lie.A. to lose B. lose  C. losing  D. lost10. You had better _____ it in English, because it’s an English exam.A. write B. to write C. writing D. writes11. It’s best _______ soccer on the playground.A. to play  B. play C. playing D. to play the12. Some boys are practicing ______ English with the foreigner there.A. speak  B. to speak  C. speaking  D. spoke13. The branches of the trees kept the boy from ______ off to the deep river.A. to drop B. drop C. dropping D. dropped14. We prefer ______ to ______. What about you?A. swimming;skating B. to swim; skating C. skate; swim D. swim; skate15. —Are you used to ______ in the village school? —No, I can’t get well on with the children there.A. study B. studying C. to study D. studied16. My brother used to _____ late for school, but now he isn’t.A. is B. be  C. are  D. was17. Your brother is ____ young ____ he can’t go to school.A. too... to  B. very... to C. so... that D. too... that18. You are _____ young to go to college.A. so B. to C. very D. too19. My father often spends one hour _____ TV after dinner at home.A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watches20. It _____ them two years to build the house. A. spent B. paid C. took D. to takeII.根据汉语提示完成完成句子。(北京各区模拟题)  东城区  1. 他们每天花半小时进行体育锻炼。    _______________________________________ to do sports every day.  2. 他们一到这,我就告诉他们。    _______________________________________, I’ll tell them.  3. 她太小,自己上不去汽车。    She is __________________________________ the bus by herself  4. 他虽然只有七岁,但英语说得非常好。    Although he is only seven,_____________________________________.  5. 我觉得恶劣的天气不会妨碍他去参加运动会。 I ____________ the terrible weather ________________________ the sports meeting.西城区 1  1. 这孩子长得非常快,他已经和他的父亲一样高了。    The boy grows quite fast, and he is already _____________________________.  2. 保持城市清洁是我们每一个人的责任。  It’s our duty _____________________________________________.  3. 姚明篮球打得非常好,世界上很多人都知道他。  Yao Ming plays basketball ______________________________________________.  4. 要了解世界,人们可以读报纸,也可以看电视。 In order to know the world, people can ____________________________________.  5. 直到看了这场比赛后,我才知道他是一个非常优秀的运动员    ____________________________________________ I watched the match.西城区 2  1. 这个女孩上个学期在功课上花了很多时间。    This girl ____________________________________ her lessons last term.  2. 天气真好!为什么不和我们出去散步呢?   What a lovely day today! ________________________________ with us?  3. Mike 过去常打篮球,但他现在对足球感兴趣。    ________________________________, but now he is interested in soccer.  4. 你现在就给他看这幅地图,好吗?    __________________________________________ the map right now?  5. 我认为父母不会阻止我尝试这个新想法。    ___________________________________________________ the new idea.III. 句式综合演练:根据所给的汉语提示完成下列的句子。1. 在这么繁忙的路上骑自行车那么快是危险的。_______ _______ to ride fast on a busy road.2. 如果明天不下雨,我们就去爬山。If it ______ ______ tomorrow, we will climb the hill. 3. 我和他都不是来自四川。_______ I ____ he ________ from Sichuan. 4. 你的弟弟和妹妹都喜欢吃水饺。Both your brother and your sister_______ _______ dumplings. 5. 迈克喜欢集邮.我也喜欢。Mike enjoys ______ stamps. So do I. 6. 春天到了,天气变得越来越暖和。Spring comes. It is getting ______ ______ ________.7. 母亲试图阻止小女儿晚上出去。The mother tried to ______ her young daughter from _____ _____ at night.8. 直到我收到爸爸送给我的手表,我才意识到时间的重要性。 I _____ know the importance of the time ______ I received the watch from my father. 9. 大型考试总是使我感到紧张。The big exam always makes me ________ ________. 10. 我一见到他就告诉他这个消息。I’ll tell him the news _____ _____ _____ I see him. 11. 这部电视连续剧不如那部有趣。(TV series)The TV series is not ______ ______ ________ that one. 12. 中国是世界上最大的国家之一 China is _______ ______ ______ ________ ______ in the world.13. 明天上午咱们去购物吧。_______ ______ shopping tomorrow morning.14. —你认为“动物世界”怎么样?—我很喜欢。—______ do you ______ ______ Animal World? —I like it very much.15. 我喜欢观看孩子们在花园里高兴地玩耍。I like to _______ the children _______ happily in the garden.【答案与解析】I.单项选择。1. C。在动词短语 be afraid of 的后面可以用名词、代词或者动名词形式作宾语,所以选 C。2. D。在动词短语 be busy 的后面用动名词形式作宾语表示“忙于做某事”的意思,所以选 D。3. A。be ready for 表示“准备好做某事”的意思,所以选 A。选项 B 虽然可以和 for 连用,但是意思不合题意;选项 C 一般和介词 with 连用,表示“对某事满意”;选项 D 和 of 连用表示“厌烦某事”。4. B。在动词 let 的后面用省略 to 的动词不定式作宾语补足语,所以选 B。5. B。cook 的后面用双宾语,当表示物的宾语在前面,表示人的宾语在后面时要用介词 for。cook dinner for sb. “为某人做饭”,所以选 B。6. A。在动词 ask 的后面用疑问词 how 和动词不定式构成的短语作宾语,表示“如何玩电脑游戏”,所以选 A。7. B。 表示“到做某事的时间了”,动词要用不定式,所以选 B。8. B。本题是考查不定式作句子的主语时,用 it 代替作形式主语的用法。interesting 说明不定式的特征,用 for 引出某人,所以选 B。9. B。在 would rather 的后面用动词原形,所以选 B。句意:我宁愿失去一打的樱桃树,也不愿意你说一次谎话。10. A。在动词短语 had better 的后面用动词原形,表示某人最好做某事的意思,所以选 A。11. A。本题是考查 it 在句子中作形式主语,后面的动词不定式是句子的真正主语。所以选 A。12. C。本题是考查动词 practice 的后面用动名词形式作宾语的用法,意思是“练习做某事”。所以选择C。13. C。本题是考查动词 keep somebody from doing sth.的用法,表示“阻止某人做某事”的意思,所以选 C。句意:树枝接住了那个男孩,使他没有落入深深的河水中。14. A。本题是考查动词短语 prefer…to 的用法,to 的前后都用动名词形式,表示“喜欢做某事胜过做另一件事”,所以选择 A。15. B。be used to 的后面用动名词形式作宾语,表示“某人习惯于做某事”,所以选 B。16. B。used to 的后面用动词原形,表示“某人过去曾经做某事”,所以选 B。17. C。本题是考查用 so… that 引导的表示结果的状语从句,表示“某人太......以至于不能做某事”,因为后面是结果状语从句,所以选 C。18. D。本题是考查短语 too+形容词+to 的用法,表示“某人太......以至于不能做某事”,所以选D。19.C。本题是考查 spend 后用动名词,表示“某人花费时间或者金钱做某事”,省略了介词 in,所以选C。20. C。本题是考查句型“It takes sb.some time to do sth”的用法,表示“做某事花费某人多少时间”,所以选 C。II.根据汉语提示下列完成句子。(北京模拟题) 东城区  1. It takes them half an hour 2. As soon as they get here 3. too young to get on 4. he is good at speaking English 5. don’t think;will stop him from taking part in西城区 1 1. as tall as his father 2. to keep the city clean 3. so well that people around the world know him 4. either read newspapers or watch TV 5. I didn’t know he was an excellent sportsman until 西城区 2 1. spent much time on  2. Why not go for a walk 3. Mike used to play basketball 4. Would you please show him 5. I don’t think my parents will stop me from tryingIII. 句式综合演练:根据所给的汉语提示完成下列的句子。1. It’s dangerous 2. doesn’t rain 3. Neither;nor;comes 4. like eating5. collecting 6. warmer and warmer 7. stop; going out 8. didn’t;until9. feel nervous 10. as soon as 11. so interesting as 12. one of the largest countries 13. Let’s go 14. What; think of 15. watch; play/ playing
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