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真题三第一部分:交际用语(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分)此部分共有 5 个未完成的对话,针对每个对话中未完成的部分有 4 个选项,请从 A、B、C、D四个选项中选出正确选项。 1、--Hi! Jim. This is my brother Peter.-- _________ A. How are you? B. Fine, thank you. C. Nice to meet you. D. You are very kind.2、- I'm going to take my entrance test tomorrow.- _______! A. Good luck B. Cheers C. Come on D. Congratulations3、 -I was worried about my maths, but Mr. Brown gave me an A. -___________A. Don’t worry about it.B. Congratulations! That’s a difficult course.C. Mr. Brown is very good.D. Good luck to you!4、- Could I speak to Don Watkins, please?- ________ A. Speaking, please. B. Oh, how are you? C. I'm listening. D. I'm Don.5、-- Must I take a taxi?-- No, you ________ . You can take my car. A. had better to B. don't C. must not D. don't have to 第二部分:阅读理解(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分)此部分共有 2 篇短文,第一篇短文后有 5 个问题。请从每个问题后的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出正确选项。第二篇短文后有 5 个正、误判断题,请选择 T 或 F. Passage OneSixteen-year-old Maria was waiting in line at the airport in Santo Domingo. She wasleaving her native country to join her sister in the United States. She spoke English very well.Though she was very happy she could go abroad, she was feeling sad at leaving her familyand friends. As she was thinking all about this, she suddenly heard the airline employeeasking her to pick up her luggage and put it on the scales ( 称). Maria pulled and pulled. Thebag was too heavy and she just couldn't lift it up. The man behind her got very impatient. He,too, was waiting to check in his luggage."What's wrong with this girl?" He said, "Why doesn't she hurry up?" He moved forwardand placed his bag on the counter, hoping to check in first. He was in a hurry to get a goodseat. Maria was very angry, but she was very polite. And in her best English she said, "Whyare you so upset? There are enough seats for everyone on the plane. If you are in such ahurry, why can't you give me a hand with my luggage?" The man was surprised to hear Maria speak English. He quickly picked up her luggage and stepped back. Everyone was looking at him with disapproval. 6. Maria's story happened _______ A. when she was leaving America B. on her way back to Santo Domingo C. before she left the USA D. when she arrived at the airport7. You believe that the work of the airline employee mentioned in the story is to ______ at the airport. A. help carry people's luggage B. ask people to pick up the luggage C. check people's luggage D. take care of people's luggage8. "Why are you so upset?" Maria said to the man. She wanted to tell him that he should not be _____. A. surprised and worried B. sad and angry C. unhappy and worried D. sad and sorry 9. "Everyone was looking at him with disapproval."This sentence means that the people around felt ____. A. worried about Maria B. worried about the man C. sorry for Maria's manners D. sorry for the man's manners10. The author mentioned Maria's age at the beginning of the story in order to show that _____ . A. she was young but behaved properly B. she would not have left home alone C. everyone around her was wrong D. it was not good that nobody offered to help herPassage TwoIn 1920, barely out of his teens, Alfred Hitchcock went to work for an American filmcompany which had opened a studio in Islington, London. His first job at the studio waswriting captions (脚本) for silent movies. Within two years, he was writing scripts(剧本)and working as an assistant director.For the rest of the 1920s, Hitchcock worked on one film after another in Britain andGermany. Filming was often a rough-and-ready ( 匆 忙 做 成 的 ) affair and the assistantdirector was required to step in and plug gaps. A cameraman went missing, Hitchcockbecame a cameraman. A scene needed rewriting, Hitchcock rewrote it. Someone needed tobe in charge of money when the film crew was on location, Hitchcock looked after themoney.At the same time, this being the era of silent movies, Hitchcock was learning thelanguage of cinema: telling a story-not through dialogue, but through visual images(视觉影象). This led to his success later.When he began to direct his own films, first in Britain and later in Hollywood, he was determined to make films that held the audience's attention and kept tension(紧张感). He succeeded. Hitchcock's ability to put you on the edge of your seat makes him one of the greatest makers of suspense(悬念) movies.11. Alfred Hitchcock's first job at the studio was writing captions for silent movies. A:T B:F12. According to the context, "step in and plug gaps" (in Line 3, Para. 2) means asking for one's help. A:T B:F13. Telling a story through dialogue prepared Hitchcock for his success later. A:T B:F14. He was determined to draw the audience's attention and keep tension in his film-making. A:T B:F15. He had taken up different jobs before he succeeded. A:T B:F第三部分:词汇与结构(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分)此部分共有 5 个未完成的句子,针对每个句子中未完成的部分有 4 个选项,请从 A、B、C、D四个选项中选出正确选项。16. Charlie thinks money will ______ all his problems. A. score B. solve C. force D. perform17. Suzan speaks English _______John. A. so fluently as B. as fluent as C. more fluent than D. much more fluently than18. ______ the War of Independence, the United States was an English colony. A. Before B. At C. In D. Between19. __ no need ___ the radio as I am used to studying with it on.A. It’s; to turn downB. It’s; turning upC. There’s; to turn offD. There’s turning off20. You shouldn't _______ your time like that, Bob; you have to finish your school work tonight. A. cut B. do C. kill D. kick 四、完型填空(共 5 个空;每个空 2 分,满分 15 分)以下短文中共包含 5 个未完成的句子,针对每个句子中空缺部分,请从 A、B、C、D、E 五个选项中选出正确选项。 Strange things happen to time when you travel because the earth is divided into twenty-four parts, ___1___ a part. You can have days with more or fewer than twenty-four hours, and weeks with more or fewer than seven days. Your ship goes into ___2___ time part every day if you make a five-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean. As you go into each part, the time ___3___ one hour. Traveling west, you setyour clock back; traveling east, you let it ahead. Each day of your journey has either twenty-five or twenty-three hours. If you travel by ship across the Pacific, you ___4___ the International Date Line. This is the point where a new day ___5___. When you go across the line, you change your calendarone full day, back or ahead.21. A. a different B. one hour C. cross D. changes E. begins22. A. a different B. one hour C. cross D. changes E. begins23. A. a different B. one hour C. cross D. changes E. begins24. A. a different B. one hour C. cross D. changes E. begins25. A. a different B. one hour C. cross D. changes E. begins 第五部分:英译汉 (满分 30 分, 5 each)请把下列 6 句英文翻译成中文。26. I think the picture shows us how fruits is necessary to life.27. I hurried to my office.28. I think she will change her mind tomorrow.29. I was having a nap when suddenly the telephone rang.30. John and his brother differ in personality even if their differences in age are not significant.31. Give me your advice.六、写作(满分 10 分) Instructions:建议你在 30 分钟内,根据下面所给的题目和提纲用英语写出一篇不少于 80 词的短文。Failure is the Mother of Success. (失败乃成功之母。)1.你对"失败乃成功之母"的看法;2.举例说明你的看法。真题三答案:第一部分:交际用语(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分)1-5 C A B A D第二部分:阅读理解(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分)Passage1 6-10 DCC DA译文: 16 岁的玛丽亚正在圣多明哥的机场排队等候。她要离开自己的国家去美国找自己的姐姐。她英语说得很流利。尽管她很高兴可以出国,但是离开家庭和朋友她也感到很伤心。她正想着这些时,突然听到航空公司工作人员要求她把行李拿起来放到称上。 玛利亚提啊提,但是包太重,她提不动。站在她身后的男士变得很不耐烦。他也在等着托运行李。 “这个女孩怎么了?”他说,“她为什么不快点?”他往前移了移,把自己的包放在柜台上,插在了前面。他急着去抢个好座位。 玛利亚很生气,但是她很有礼貌。她用很流利的英语说到,“你为什么那么沮丧呢?飞机上为每个人都提供了足够的座位。如果你这么着急,为什么不能帮我弄一下我的行李呢?” 这个男的很惊讶玛利亚会说英语。他马上帮她提起行李然后退回去了。每个人都用蔑视的眼光看着他。Passage211-15 A B B AA译文: 1920 年,十几岁的阿尔弗雷德.希区柯克就为一家美国电影公司工作,这家公司在伦敦的伊斯林顿有一个工作室。他在工作室的第一份工作就是为无声电影写脚本。两年里,他作为助理导演一直在写剧本。 20 世纪 20 年代剩下的时间里,他在英国和德国为一部又一部电影工作。拍电影经常是一件匆忙的事情,助理导演被要求介入,填补空白。 缺了摄像,希区柯克就是摄像。一个场景需要重写,他就重写。电影剧组出外景需要有人理财的时候,他就是财务。 同时由于是默片的时代,他学会了电影语言:不通过对话讲述故事,而是通过视觉影像。这成就了他日后的成功。 当他先在英国后在好莱坞执导自己的影片时,他决心一定要抓住观众的注意力,让他们保持紧张感。 他成功了。希区柯克让观众始终坐在椅子边上的能力让他成为悬疑电影的大师。 第三部分:词汇与结构(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分)16-20 B DAC C第四部分:完型填空(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分)21-25 BADCE第五部分:英译汉 (满分 30 分)26.我想这幅图是告诉我们水果是生活中不可缺的。27.我正急着去我的办公室。28.我想她明天会改变心意的。29.我在睡觉时,电话铃突然响了。30.尽管约翰和他哥哥在年纪上相差不大,但他们的个性却不相同。31.给我你的建议。第六部分:写作(满分 10 分)参考例文:Failure is the mother of success.All of us experience failure every now and then. Failure or the threat of failure issomething that we have to live with all our lives.Although, some people will avoid failure at all costs, some people welcome it. Failurecan be a good teacher. It always teaches us to be better the second time around. As theysay, "The more you try, the more you'll succeed."There is some wisdom to be learned from failure. If we can learn to turn a failure to ouradvantage, we will have learned another secret to success. Failure is the mother of successand success that comes after failure is so sweet.
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