大学英语(2) ( 第3次 )

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第3次作业 一、填空题(本大题共20分,共 10 小题,每小题 2 分) 1. As long as you return the money promptly. I'll lend it to you with (please) ( ). 2. We should try to learn more (economy) ( ) theory and apply it in practice. 3. All these worries made it (possible) ( ) for her to concentrate on her work. 4. (face) ( ) your weak points doesn’t mean looking down upon yourself. 5. It was ordered that no smoking (allow) ( ) in the library. (should) be allowed 6. By the end of this month, we surely will have found a ( ) (satisfy) solution to the problem. 7. This (decide) ( ) was made according to what my father said. 8. Television keeps us (inform) ( ) about current events and the latest developments in science and politics. 9. The longer they listen to him, the (little) ( ) they like him. 10. —I'd met Smith several times before.—So (have) ( ) I. 二、问答题(本大题共20分,共 5 小题,每小题 4 分) 1. This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You’re required to write a notice according to the following information given in Chinese. Remember to write it no less than 60 words. 假如你是一名旅行团的组织者,你需要写一个通知告知游客今天下午的活动内容:1. 参观的主要景点;时间 2.注意事项:不要迟到,滞留;不要随意离开团队;有事找导游,不要私自处理等等 2. 给 Robert 先生写一封短信。 内容:希望能在贵出版谋求一个职位。我现年三十岁,目前受雇于彼得逊出版社。我离开现工作岗位的唯一理由是,目前的职位对我没有发展途。我擅长写作和编辑,所以一直想从事编辑工作。 [注意:必须包括收信人的称谓,写信日期 (1999年6月),写信人( 杰克 )的签名等基本格式。] 3. Translate the following letter into English. 亲爱的玛丽: 非常感谢您邀请我参加4月10日的晚会.我多么希望能来,但是我那天必须参加一个重要的会议.在这种情况下我恐怕来不了.盼望以后能参加您们的活动. 祝万事如意! 爱丽丝 4. 发信人: 肖红 时 间: 1998年5月9日 收信人: 梅勒先生 内 容: 非常遗憾地得知你一周前在下班回家的途中出了车祸。请你放心,现在公司里没有要紧的事情需你回来处理。在你恢复期间,如有什么事情需要帮助,请告诉我们。向你致以最良好的祝愿。 ( 注意: 必须包括收信人的称谓,写信日期,发信人的签名等基本格式。) May 9,1998 5. Directions: In this section, you are required to write a passage of no less than 100 words based on the following situation. 你听说你的朋友获得了奖学金(scholarship),你给他发封邮件表示祝贺。 三、写作题(本大题共60分,共 3 小题,每小题 20 分) 1. Instructions:建议你在30分钟内,根据下面所给的题目和提纲用英语写出一篇不少于80词的短文。 My Favorite Season 内容需包括以下方面: 1.说明自己最喜欢的季节; 2.陈述喜欢这一季节的原因,可以描写这一季节的景色,或是记述在这一季节最让人难忘的经历。 2. Instructions:建议你在30分钟内,根据下面所给的题目和提纲用英语写出一篇不少于80词的短文。 Parents Are the Best Teachers 内容需包括以下方面: 1.你对"父母是最好的老师"的看法; 2.举例说明你的观点。 3. Instructions:建议你在30分钟内,根据下面所给的题目和提纲用英语写出一篇不少于80词的短文。Which Means of Transportation do You Prefer? 内容需包括以下方面: 1. 哪一种是你最喜欢的交通方式; 2. 阐述你的理由。 答案: 一、填空题(20分,共 10 题,每小题 2 分) 1. 参考答案: pleasure 解题方案: With 是介词,后面用名词 评分标准: 2. 参考答案: economic 解题方案: Economic adj.经济学的 形容词修饰名词 评分标准: 3. 参考答案: impossible 解题方案: 从句子的意思看应该是possible 的反义词 评分标准: 4. 参考答案: Facing / To face 解题方案: 现在分词表示主动 不定式表示将来 这两种都可做主语 评分标准: 5. 参考答案: (should) be allowed 解题方案: 虚拟语气+被动语态 评分标准: 6. 参考答案: satisfying satisfactory 解题方案: satisfying adj.令人满足的, 令人满意的satisfactory adj令人满意的;符合要求的;合适的 评分标准: 7. 参考答案: C[SEPARATOR]D 解题方案: This 是指示代词,后面用名词 评分标准: 8. 参考答案: informed 解题方案: Keep sb informed 随时向...报告情况 评分标准: 9. 参考答案: less 解题方案: The more …the more… 越…越…;从上下文看应该用little 的比较级less 评分标准: 10. 参考答案: had 解题方案: I'd暗示用过去时;倒装句 评分标准: 二、问答题(20分,共 5 题,每小题 4 分) 1. 参考答案: Notice Dear?tourists: We are going to visit some interesting places this afternoon. There are some points that you have to pay attention to: First, don’t be late or don’t leave our team without permission; Second, if you have any trouble, don’t deal with it by yourself. Try to inform you tour guide who will surely help you. Sincerely yours, *** 解题方案: 评分标准: 2. 参考答案: July 1999 Dear Robert, I wish to apply for a position with your publishing house. I’m thirty years old and at present I am employed by the Peterson Press. My only reason for leaving the present position would be to better myself and I feel there is no further opportunity now. The editorial work has always been a great appeal to me as I'm interested in writing and editorial work. Sincerely yours, Jack 解题方案: 评分标准: 3. 参考答案: Dear Mary, Thank you very much for inviting me for the party on 10th April. I would very much love to come, but I have to attend an important meeting on that day. It was very kind of you to ask me, but I am afraid that under the circumstances I will not be able to come. I am looking forward to taking part in your future activities. Best wishes, Alice 解题方案: 评分标准: 4. 参考答案: June 2000 Dear Mailer, We were very sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident on your way home from your work a week ago. Please be assured that there is nothing pressing in the company now. If we can be of any assistance to you during your recovery, don't hesitate to tell us. Our best wishes are with you. Sincerely yours, *** 解题方案: 评分标准: 5. 参考答案: Dear Yang:How are you gettling along these days? I am glad to know you won the scholarship Congratulations!Everybody knows that it is extremely difficult for a high school student to get the scholarship from Harvard University, one ot the most world-famous universities But you have made it! The scholarship is the best reward to your hard work over these years All of our classmates know how many hardships you have overcome in these years Moreover, it is a great honor both for you and for our school! Our teachers and classmates are very proud of you!I do hope your study abroad will be smoothful and successful in the future!Sincerely yours, 解题方案: Open 评分标准: 30分 三、写作题(60分,共 3 题,每小题 20 分) 1. 参考答案: Among the four seasons in a year, I like winter most. Winter is the last season of the year, and it is usually the season to sit down to look back what we have done in the year and make a wish to the next year. Some may complain that it is too cold in winter. However, we also know that it is this coldness that freeze the pests in the farmland and make a harvest next year possible. Thinking of this, I believe the coldness in winter is bearable. I also like the sight view of winter especially after a heavy snow. The world becomes so white, so soft that I feel satisfied and inner peace in this season. 解题方案: 评分标准: 格式5分, 内容15分,分为5档,分、5分、8分、11分及14分;2分 ……条理不清,思路紊乱,语言支离破碎或在部分句子均有错误,且多数为严重错误。5分……基本切题。表达思想不清楚,连贯性差。有较多的严重语言错误。8分……基本切题。有些地方表达思想不够清楚,文字勉强连贯;语言错误相当多,其中有一些是严重错误。11分……切题。表达思想清楚,文字连贯,但有少量语言错误。14分……切题。表达思想清楚,文字通顺,连贯性好。 2. 参考答案: Education is taking place in school and in family as well, which is widely accepted。 In school, we have teachers and in family we have parents. Parents are often the best teacher to children because children would spend most of the younger years with their parents which might have a significant effect on children. My parents are best teachers to me. I was educated to be a just man ever since I was born by my parents. And they would guide me to the door of the dramatic world of knowledge when I was very young which influences my interests and whole-life business a lot. I love my parents for whatever they have done for me and I am sure I would be a very good teacher of my children. 解题方案: 评分标准: 格式5分, 内容15分,分为5档,分、5分、8分、11分及14分;2分 ……条理不清,思路紊乱,语言支离破碎或在部分句子均有错误,且多数为严重错误。5分……基本切题。表达思想不清楚,连贯性差。有较多的严重语言错误。8分……基本切题。有些地方表达思想不够清楚,文字勉强连贯;语言错误相当多,其中有一些是严重错误。11分……切题。表达思想清楚,文字连贯,但有少量语言错误。14分……切题。表达思想清楚,文字通顺,连贯性好。 3. 参考答案: With the advent of modern technology, the means of transportation has become various. Bike, car, train, and plane are becoming the basic needs of people today. Among these various kinds of transportation, I would prefer bikes. When time is not the first thing to be considered, I always choose bike to go to school. It is not only environmentally friendly but also avoids the more and more heavy traffic in the city now. Besides, riding bike is a kind of efficient practice which is very good to our health. So, here I’d like to appeal for all those possible to ride bike to school or office for our health, for the environment and for the city transportation. 解题方案: 评分标准: 格式5分, 内容15分,分为5档,分、5分、8分、11分及14分;2分 ……条理不清,思路紊乱,语言支离破碎或在部分句子均有错误,且多数为严重错误。5分……基本切题。表达思想不清楚,连贯性差。有较多的严重语言错误。8分……基本切题。有些地方表达思想不够清楚,文字勉强连贯;语言错误相当多,其中有一些是严重错误。11分……切题。表达思想清楚,文字连贯,但有少量语言错误。14分……切题。表达思想清楚,文字通顺,连贯性好。
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