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中考重点句式二【巩固练习】 I.单项选择。1. Do you hear someone _______ in our classroom just now?A. to sing B. sing C. singing  D. sings2. We think English is as _______ as math.A. more difficult B. more important  C. important  D. easier3. Many boys think Math is _______ than any other subject.A. interesting  B. easiest C. more difficult D. difficult4. Chongqing is ______ city _____ all the cities in China.A. big, in B. bigger, of C. biggest, in D. the biggest, of5. Look at that tall tree. I think it may be _______.A. twelve meters tall  B. twelve meter long C. tall twelve meters  D. tall twelvemeter6. _______ twenty years since we came here.A. This is  B. That’s C. It’s D. They have been7. Both his father and he _____ playing computer games.A. like B. likes C. is like D. are like8. Neither my wife nor I _____ to the Summer Palace. We are planning to go there on May 1. A. have been  B. have gone  C. has been D. has gone9. — ______ with your mother? She looks tired. —She is ill.A. What’s B. How’s  C. What’s wrong D. What’s matter10. There _____ nothing wrong with your bike.A. be B. is C. are D. am11. —What are you going to do this Sunday? —How about _____ with your father?A. to fish  B. fishing C. fishes D. fish12. Why not _____ to school on foot today?A. to go B. going C. go D. went13. Let’s _____ the teacher for help.A. asking B. ask C. to ask  D. asks14.-Will you ______ me the way to your home? -Sure.A. say  B. tell  C. to say D. telling15. Would you mind ______ me that book?A. to pass B. pass C. passing D. passes16. We will climb the hill as soon as the rain _____.A. stop B. stops C. will stop D. stopping17. The kids didn’t start to fly kites in the playground ______ the rain stopped.A. if  B. whenever C. until D. when18. We are not supposed ______ football on Sundays.A. to play B. play C. playing D. plays19. They find _____ interesting to play with these babies.A. it  B. that C. one  D. them20. It seems to me that he ________ everything. A. know B. to know C. knowing D. has known21. I _____ think you _____ speak English. A. think ; can’t B. don’t ; can  C. don’t; can’t D. think; aren’t22. — ______ do you think of my handwriting? — I think it is very great.A. How B. Why C. When D. What23. —________ is your exam ______? —It’s not too bad.A. What; like B. How; like C. Why; like D. What ; be24. It_____ that your car was stolen by your friend.A. says B. is saying  C. said D. is said25. My brother is one of the ______ in his class.A. tallest student B. best students C. tall student D. tall studentsII.根据汉语提示完成句子。(北京各区模拟题)丰台区 1. 我认为他不会来了。 I ______________________________ he will come. 2. 直到雨停了,同学们才回家。 The students _____________________________ the rain stopped. 3. 多吃蔬菜有好处。 ______________________________ eat more vegetables. 4. 当你遇到困难时,为什么不请求帮助呢? ____________________________ some help when you are in trouble? 5. 他每天要玩多长时间电子游戏? _____________________________________ computer games every day?石景山区 1. 学好英语很有用。 ______________________________________ English well. 2. 请你一到学校就把书还我好吗? Will you return me the book _______________________________________? 3. 直到为考试做好了准备,李雷才休息。 Li Lei _______________________________________ he got ready for the exam. 4. 他们将花十年的时间把山变绿。 It ____________________________________ to make the mountains covered with trees. 5. 她变化太大了,以至于我没能立刻想起她的名字。 She changed ____________________________________ her name at once.III.根据中文提示,补全句子,使其完整与正确。1.中国农民正在尽最大的努力种植更多的树来阻止沙漠蔓延。 Chinese farmers are ________ best to plant more trees to stop the desert from expanding.2.到目前为止,中国政府已为人们的医疗健康花费了大量的钱。So ________,Chinese government has already ________ a lot of money on people’s health care.3.因为腿疼,他不再去徒步了。He doesn’t go hiking ________ ________ because of the pain in his leg.4.你学习越努力,你就越会得到更好的结果。The ________ you work at your lessons,the ________ results you will get.5.每个中学生都应该为自己感到自豪,因为每个人都有优点。Every middle school student is supposed to _______ _______ in themselves because each of them has good points.6.今天天气很好。为什么不出去散散步? It’s fine today. ____________ go out for a walk?7.该考虑一下我们的暑假计划了。_________ to think about our plan for the summer vacation.8.北京以其众多的名胜古迹而闻名于世。Beijing _________ its many places of interest in the world.9.在体育测试中,我尽力了。__________ possible in the PE test.10.你最好不要过分依赖父母,学会照顾自己。__________ your parents, and learn to look after yourself. 【答案与解析】I.单项选择。1. C。在 hear somebody 的后面用现在分词形式作宾语补足语,表示听到某人正在做某事,所以本题选择 C。2. C。本题是考查形容词的同级比较,as 和 as 的中间用形容词的原级,所以选择 C。3. C。本题是考查形容词的比较级的用法,句子是把数学作为一方,其他所有学科为另一方进行比较,要用比较级,difficult 的比较级是 more difficult,所以选 C。4. D。本题是考查形容词的最高级的用法,形容词的最高级前面用定冠词 the,Chongqing 是 all the cities 中的一个,是同类关系,所以选 D。5. A。本题是考查表示某物多高的表达方式,即用数词+meters+tall 来表示,所以选 A。6. C。句意:我们来到这里已经 20 年了。用 it 表示时间,此句型主句可以用一般现在时代替现在完成时,所以选 C。7. A。本题是考查 both… and…的用法,both… and…连接两个主语,其谓语动词用复数形式,所以选择 A。8. A。从第二句可知没有去过颐和园,所以用 have been to;neither... nor...连接主语,谓语动词和 nor 后面的主语保持一致,所以选 A。9. C。从对话的情景可以理解要用 What’s wrong 来询问“某人怎么啦”,所以选 C。选项 D 的 matter前缺少定冠词 the。10. B。不定代词 nothing 作主语谓语动词用第三人称单数,所以选 B。11. B。本题是考查 what/how about 的后面用动名词形式作宾语表示“做某事如何”的意思,所以选B。12. C。本题是考查 why not+动词原形的用法,用于向别人提出建议。后面用动词原形,所以选择C。13. B。在动词短语 let somebody do something 用动词原形作宾语补足语,所以选 B。14. B。本题考查用情态动词 will/would 表示“请求别人做某事”的意思。句子的谓语动词用动词原形,tell 可以接双宾语,所以选择 B。15. C。在动词短语 would you mind 的后面用动名词形式作宾语,所以本题选择 C。16. B。本题是考查 as soon as 引导的时间状语从句的用法,从句的谓语动词用一般现在时表示将来,所以选 B。17. C。本题是考查连词 not... until...的用法,表示“直到……才……”,所以选 C。句意:直到雨停了孩子们才开始放风筝。18. A。be supposed 的后面用动词不定式,be supposed to do…意为“理应该做某事”。19. A。本题是用 it 作 find 的形式宾语,真正的宾语是后面的动词不定式短语 to play with these babies,所以选 A。20. D。在句型 It seems that 的后面要接从句,从句的时态根据句子的意思判断是现在完成时,所以选 D。21. B。本题是考查 I don’t think+从句的用法,从句的否定要转移到前面的主句,所以选 B。22. D。本题是考查用特殊疑问词 what 和 think of 连用表示“你感觉……怎么样”的意思,所以选择D。23. A。本题考查“询问某人或者某物怎么样”,be like 意为“像什么样”。所以选 A。 24. D。本题是考查用 It’s said that +从句表示“据说”的意思,所以选择 D。25. B。one of the best students 表示“是最好的学生之一”的意思,所以选 B。II.根据汉语提示完成句子。(北京各区模拟题)丰台区1. don’t think 2. didn’t go home until3. It’s good to 4. Why not ask for5. How long does it take him to play石景山区1. It’s very useful to learn 2. as soon as you get to school3. didn’t have a rest until4. will take them 10 years5. so much that I couldn’t rememberIII.根据中文提示,补全句子,使其完整与正确。1.trying/doing their 2.far,spent 3.any more / any longer 4.harder,better 5.take pride 6.Why not 7.It’s time 8.is famous for 9.I tried as hard as 10.You’d better not depend too much on
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