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《大学英语(3)》第 1 次1.[单选题]You have been walking a long way, so _____ is a good rest.A.that you really needB.that you are really neededC.what you really needD.that you are really needing答案:C2.[单选题]Mar. Black is an outspoken man, he told us without____ of his disapproval of theplan.A.remainingB.preserveC.reserveD.reminding答案:C3.[单选题]Physics is the present day equivalent of____ used to be called natural philosophy,from____ most of present day science arose.A.which...whatB.that...whichC.what...whichD.what...that答案:C4.[单选题]Lisa has three ________.A.brother-in-lawB.brothers-in-lawC.brother-in-laws 14The mistake in the locally printed postage stamps was in the ____.A.priceB.wordingC.colorD.spelling of postage15A postage stamp’s value to collectors is raised if _____.A.there are few others like itB.there are no errors on the stampsC.a mistake is made in the printingD.both A and C16$16 800 is the collector’s value of ____.A.the One Penny Orange – RedB.a correctly printed 1847 stampC.the Twopenny BlueD.both A and C17Which one is implied but not stated?A.All correctly printed stamps are worthless.B.Mauritians needed the stamps to send out invitations to a ball.C.The printer was punished for his mistake.D.Collectors are constantly looking for stamps with mistakes.18The best title for this section is ____.A.The “Post Paid” ErrorB.The Twopenny BlueC.A London Printer’s ErrorD.How Mauritius Became Famous 答案:BCCDB26.[阅读理解]Under normal conditions, the act of communication requires the presence of atleast two persons: one who sends and one who receives the communication. In order tocommunicate thoughts and feelings, there must be a conventional system of signs or symbolsthat mean the same to the sender and the receiver. The means of communication are toonumerous and varied for systematic classification; therefore, the analysis must begin with themeans of receiving communication. Reception of communication is achieved by our senses.Sight, hearing, and touching seem to play the most important roles. Smell and taste play verylimited roles, for they cannot receive intellectual expression from fully developed systems ofsings and symbols. Examples of visual communication are gesture and imitation. Although bothfrequently accompany speech, there are systems that rely solely on sight, such as those used bydeaf, and dumb persons. Another means of communicating visually is by signals of fire, smoke,flags, or flashing light. Feelings may be simply communicated by touch, such as byhandshaking or backslapping, although a highly developed system of hand-stroking has enabledblind, deaf, and dumb persons to communicate intelligently. Whistling to someone, applaudingin a theater, and other forms of communication by sound rely upon the ear as a receiver. Themost fully developed form of auditory communication is, of course, the spoken language. Themeans of communication mentioned so far have two features in common: they last only a shorttime, and the persons involved must be relatively close to each other. Therefore, all arerestricted in time and space.19Applauding is specifically mentioned as an example of ______.A.communication by soundB.gesture and imitationC.communication by sending a messageD.communication between the listener and speaker 20Reception of communication______ .A.is more important than sending messagesB.depends on two personsC.involves use of the sensesD.play only limited roles21Persons who cannot see, hear, or speak are able to communicate through ______.A.gesturingB.handshakingC.smellingD.hand-stroking22The author specifically mentions that speech is______A.often used when other means are impossibleB.necessary for normal communicationC.the only highly developed system of communicationD.the most developed form of communication based on hearing23According to the passage, means of communication _________A.can develop quickly if there is enough time and spaceB.all have the same featuresC.have some limitations even if they are fully developedD.depend on the persons involved答案:27.[主观题]Directions: In this section, you are asked to write a composition with the title “TheBiggest Dream of My Life.” You should write at least 120 words and cover the followingpoints. 1. What is your biggest dream? 2. Why do you have it? For how long have you got it? 3.What are your plans to achieve your dream? 答案 :The Biggest Dream of My Life I know many people whose biggest dreams are thingssuch as what career they want to get into, how much money they can earn. My dream is nothinglike that. My biggest dream has always been and will always be to travel around the world. Ihave one life here on Earth, so I don’t want to die regretting that I didn’t see it all. Actually Ihave had this dream ever since I was in primary school. In one geography class, when theteacher presented us the globe and national ? ags of various nations, I thought I found the dreamin the depth of my heart. And the moment I came to college, I had always envisioned myself ofbecoming a nomad. I would roam around the world. No permanent address. Any place can bemy home and I am home within myself. Meanwhile, I am aware that it’s really a costly dream.The first step I need to take is to begin to save money to support it. And I think it’s a good ideato start exploration from my hometown and the city where my university is located. Just as asaying goes: a big dream begins with the first step. D.brothers-in-laws答案:B5.[单选题]I don’t like ______ you speak to her.A.the wayB.the way in thatC.the way of whichD.the way which答案:A6.[单选题]The explorer told the boys about his _____ in the Arctic.A.adventuresB.investigationC.applicationD.improvement答案:A7.[单选题]As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So we should ____work and play.A.keep a good balance betweenB.bothC.betterD.just答案:A8.[单选题]— Don’t forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow. — ________.A.I don’tB.I won’tC.I can’t D.I haven’t答案:B9.[单选题]The company is ( ) steps to improve the bus service at night.A.goingB.settingC.puttingD.taking答案:D10.[单选题]( ) the cost, there is the question of your health to be considered.A.ExceptB.In thatC.DespiteD.Apart from答案:D11.[单选题]There was not much ____ in international affairs during those years.A.harmonyB.maximumC.minimumD.hierarchy答案:A12.[单选题]A reply card is ____ with this invitation for your convenience.A.enclosedB.closedC.enteredD.covered 答案:A13.[单选题]The passenger ( ) to the driver to stop the bus and let him get off.A.movedB.mentionedC.motionedD.motivated答案:C14.[单选题]( ) gifted a person is, he can hardly expect to make progress without hard work.A.WhateverB.WheneverC.HoweverD.Although答案:C15.[单选题]The police announced that there will be an official ( ) into the mysterious death.A.inscriptionB.inputC.inquiryD.irony答案:C16.[主观题]The next step is to know what you shoulddo.答案:下一步是弄清楚你要干什么。17.[主观题]There is nothing more natural than a child’s belief in hisparents.答案:没有任何事情比孩子对他父母的信赖更为自然。 18.[主观题]The earthquakes leave scars in the earth’s crust.答案:地震在地壳上留下裂痕。19.[主观题]对于年轻人来说,教育很重要。(count)答案:Education does count to young people.20.[主观题]除了那些书,我还买了一本词典。答案:In addition to thebooks, I also bought a dictionary.21.[主观题]你在对他能否胜任这项工作表示怀疑么?答案:22.[阅读理解]On Thursday August 14th, a massive power failure switched off lights and shutdown factories across a large area of the north-eastern United States and southern Canada. Theoutcome affected some of the world's biggest and busiest cities, including New York, Detroit,Cleveland and Toronto, leaving up to 60m people without electricity, equivalent to the entirepopulation of France or Britain. So severe was the disruption (破坏) in New York State that itsgovernor, George Pataki, declared a state of emergency. Confused workers spilled on to thestreets, while thousands more were trapped for hours in lifts and hot, crowded subway trains.Lots of stranded ( 进 退 两 难 的 ) people ended up spending Thursday night on New York'sstreets. Thieves in Brooklyn in New York, and in Canada's capital, Ottawa, took advantage ofthe absence of streetlights and burglar alarms, and went on a looting spree ( 疯 狂 抢 掠 ).Officials were taken aback by the speed at which the chaos unfolded. President George Bushdescribed the incident as a "massive national problem" and promised a full investigation intowhat caused it. That is still a matter of some debate. At first, naturally, there were fears ofterrorist involvement, but this was quickly ruled out. However, officials were left arguing about what had actually happened. The office of Canada's prime minister, Jean Chretien, said that asevere accident at a nuclear-power plant in Pennsylvania may have been the cause. Earlier,American and Canadian officials had said a fire or perhaps lightning had hit a power plant nearNiagara Falls in New York State.1The word "outage" in Paragraph 1 can be best replaced by____.A.power shortcutB.disruptionC.massive national problemD.power failure2Several cities were affected by the massive power failure on August 14th except____.A.OttawaB.ClevelandC.ChicagoD.Brooklyn3Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?____A.Many streetlights and burglar alarms were stolen during the blackout.B.Some terrorists were involved in the incident.C.President George Bush demanded a full investigation into the disruption in New York.D.Officials were not sure what had caused the power failure.4It can be inferred from the passage that____.A.France has a population of about 60 million.B.Only some large cities were affected by the power failure.C.Canada's prime minister knew what had caused the power failure.D.Water was spilt onto the streets by confused workers.5The power failure on August 14th brought about big chaos except that____. A.thousands of people were trapped in liftsB.many people had to stay on streets for Thursday night.C.stores were robbed by the thieves.D.a power plant near Niagara Falls was hit by a fire or lightning.答案:DCDAD23.[阅读理解]You have been badly injured in a car accident. It is necessary to give you a bloodtransfusion because you lost a great deal of blood in the accident. However, special care mustbe taken in selecting new blood for you. If the blood is too different from your own, thetransfusion could kill you. There are four basic types of blood: A, B, AB, and O. A simple testcan indicate a person's blood type, which, like hair color and height, is inherited from parents.Because of substances contained in each type, the four groups must be transfused carefully.Basically, A and B cannot be mixed. A and B cannot receive AB, but AB may receive A or B. Ocan give to any other group; hence, it is often called the universal donor. For the oppositereason, AB is sometimes called the universal recipient. However, because so many reactionscan occur in transfusions, patients usually receive only salt or plasma (liquid) until their6The word "hence" in line 10 means _________A.alwaysB.oftenC.thereforeD.seldom7A good title for this passage is ________.A.Getting Blood and PlasmaB.Special Blood TypesC.Human Blood TypesD.The Blood Bank of a Hospital 8In a blood transfusion, it is easiest to find the acceptable type of blood for a person with theblood type of ________A.AB.BC.ABD.O9The purpose of using salt and plasma before a blood transfusion is to allow time ______.A.to test the reactions to the transfusionB.for matching the blood to be transfused with the patient's bloodC.for the blood to be delivered from the blood bankD.to select a new type of blood for the patient10Most Europeans have blood type _________A.AB.BC.OD.A or O答案:CCABCDABC24.[阅读理解]To be a good teacher, you need some of the gifts of a good actor; you must beable to hold the attention and interest of your students; you must be a clear speaker, with agood, strong, pleasing voice which is fully under you control; and you must be able to act whatyou are teaching, in order to make its meaning clear. Watch a good teacher, and you will seethat he does not move motionless before his class; he stands the whole time he is teaching; hewalks about, using his arms, hands and fingers to help him in his explanation, and his face toexpress his feeling. Listen to him, and you will hear the loudness, the quality and musical noteof his voice always changing according to what he is talking about. The fact that a good teacher has some of the gifts of a good actor doesn't mean he will indeed be able to act well on thestage, for there are very important differences between the teacher's word and the actor's. Theactor has to speak words which has been learnt by heart, he has11The main difference between students in class and theatre audience is that ( ).A.students can move around in the classroom B.students must keep silent while theatreaudience C.no memory work is needed for the students D.the students must take part in theirteachers' plays12In what way is a teacher''s work different from an actor''s? ( )A.The teacher must learn everything by heart. B.He knows how to control his voice better thanan actor. C.he has to deal with unexpected situations. D.He has to use more facialexpressions.13A good teacher ______.A.knows how to hold the interest of his students B.must have a good voice C.knows how to acton the stage D.stands or sits motionless while teaching答案:DCA25.[阅读理解]How can a single postage stamp be worth $16 800? Any mistake made in theprinting of a stamp raises its value to stamp collectors. A mistake on one inexpensive postagestamp has made the stamp worth a million and a half times its original value. The mistake wasmade more than a hundred years ago in the British colony Mauritius , a small island in theIndian Ocean. In 1847 an order for stamps was sent to a London printer – Mauritius was tobecome the fourth country in the world to issue stamps. Before the order was filled anddelivered, a ball was planned at Mauritius ’ Government House, and stamps were needed tosend out the invitations. A local printer was instructed to copy the design for the stamps. Heaccidentally marked the words " Post Office" instead of " Post Paid" on the several hundredstamps that he printed. Today there are only twenty-six of these misprinted stamps left—fourteen One-Penny Orange-Reds and twelve Two-Penny Blues. Because of the Two-PennyBlue's rareness and age, collectors have paid as much as $ 16800 for it.
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