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0650《专科英语二》英译汉复习题1. Tips both reward the efforts of good service and reduce uncomfortable feelings of inequality. 2. I don’t think my wife’s hearing is as good as it used to be.3. Riding bicycles through London’s busy streets is one of the quickest ways to get about.4. Being interviewed is a situation that nearly everyone will face at some time in life.5. People travel because they want to broaden their horizons to learn about other people and other places.6. Riding bicycles is cheaper and healthier than driving.7. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.8. Preparing for an interview involves doing advance research and choosing the right clothes.9. Mrs. Black was having a lot of trouble with her skin, so she went to her doctor about it.10. Ethnic restaurants and supermarkets are commonplace in the United States.11. More than one million people use bicycles as their main means of getting to work.12. I plan to continue my study and research in this field under the instructions of first class professors and in an academic atmosphere.13. How you say things is often more important than what you say.14.Eyes contact that lasts longer than seven to ten seconds can cause discomfort or anxiety.15. American hotel industry loses more as a result of theft(偷窃) than unpaid bills.16. We exchanged addresses and promised to write to each other.17. You’ll do harm to your eyes if you always read in dim light.18.It is very interesting to do window shopping at weekends. 19. Tipping is better explained by culture than by economics.20. Your resume should include your working experience and educational background.21. Researching the duties of the job you are applying for will help you get promotion.22. I feel greatly honored to give you a public speech here.23. The Great Pyramids were originally aimed to be the tomb for the Pharaohs(法老).24. Fast food has become popular possibly because people usually have a short lunch break.25. The World Tourism Organization is the leading international organization in the field of travelling and tourism.26. Showing the ability of good judgment is important for an interview.27. It is necessary that we should protect wild animals properly.28. There is usually very little waiting in the fast food restaurants, and the food is always cheap.29. Suzhou tops all the other gardens in both the number and the artistry of gardens.30. Chinese food is famous for its rich flavors and delightful colors. 31. Cantonese dishes are famous for their fresh materials and great tenderness.32. The gardens in Suzhou can show you the beauty and peace of the natural world without your going out of the city.33. Most business letters around the world are written in English.34. Now Americans have many different alternatives to choose from: various ethnic food, health food, and fast food, in addition to the traditional home-cooked meal.35. The Pharaohs may have set out to build magnificent tombs just for themselves, but in the end they created monuments to human potential.36. Sichuan dishes are enjoyed with great popularity all over the country now.37. Qufu enjoys great international prestige for the birth of Chinese ancient culture.38. Suzhou’s art of gardening has undergone a history of 15,00 years.39. A food and beverage operation in a hotel usually performs an important mission.40. Whatever purpose was then in the Pharaohs’ mind, the real value of Pyramids for the human beings is huge.参考答案:1. 小费一方面是对良好服务的奖励,另一方面可以减少不平等引发的不快。2. 我认为我妻子的听力不如以前那么好了。3. 骑自行车穿过伦敦繁忙的街道是逛伦敦城最快的方法。4. 接受面试是几乎每个人一生中在某些时间内会面对的情况。5. 人们旅行是因为他们想开阔眼界,了解其他地方的人文地理。6. 骑自行车比开车更经济和健康。7. 我期盼很快收到您的回信。8. 面试的准备包括提前做一些调查和选择合适的服装。9. 布莱克夫人皮肤问题很多,于是她去咨询了她的医生。10. 具有民族特色的餐馆和超市在美国很普遍。11. 有一百多万人将自行车作为自己上班的交通工具。12. 我打算在一流的教授和良好的学术氛围中继续在这一领域的学习和研究。13. 你怎么去说经常比说什么更重要。14. 持续超过七到十秒的目光接触会引起不适和焦虑感。15. 美国的旅馆业偷盗损失比起未付账的损失更多。16. 我们交换了地址并答应给对方写信。17. 如果你总是在很暗的光线下看书,你就会伤害到眼睛。18. 周末去逛商店很有意思。19. 从文化的角度比从经济的角度能更好地解释小费。20. 你的简历应该包括你的工作经历和教育背景。21. 研究一下你申请的工作的职责将能帮助你得到晋升。 22. 我感到万分荣幸能在此为大家做公开讲座。23. 建造伟大的金字塔起初的目的是作为法老的陵墓。24. 快餐变得普及或许是因为人们午休时间通常很短。25. 世界旅游组织是旅游业国际性的重要组织。26.展现良好的判断力在面试中是重要的。27.我们很有必要对野生动物进行全面保护。28.快餐店就餐通常不需要等很长时间,而且食品总是卖得便宜。29.苏州在园林的数量和艺术性上都位居其他所有园林之最。30.中国食品以其色香味美而闻名。31. 粤菜以味美鲜嫩而闻名。32. 苏州园林能使你不出城就能体会到自然界的唯美与平静。33. 世界上许多商业信函都是用英语写的。34. 现在美国人有很多种不同的选择:除了传统的家常饭以外,还有各种民族特色食品、绿色食品和快餐食品。35. 也许法老们的出发点只是为他们自己建造富丽堂皇的墓室,但是最终他们为人类的潜力建造了座座纪念碑。36. 现在川菜很受全国人民的普遍欢迎。37. 曲阜因是中国古文化的发祥地而享有国际盛誉。38. 苏州的园林艺术已经经历了 1500 年的历史。39. 酒店的餐饮服务通常承担重要的使命。40. 不管当时法老脑中的目的如何,金字塔于人类的真正价值是巨大的。
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