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0650《专科英语二》词汇和结构复习题Ⅰ.请从四个选项中,选出最合适的答案。1. --Hello, this is Mr. Green speaking. Can I speak to Mr. Black? -- Sorry. He ______ the Beihai Park. A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to D. will go to2. It ________ us a long time to learn English well. A. takes B. will take C. spends D. will spend 3. The train ________ at 11. A. going to arrive B. will be arrive C. is going to D. is arriving 4. The rivers smells terrible. People must dirty things into it.A. be stopped to throw B. be stopped from throwingC. stop to throw D. stop form throwing5. Paper first invented in China. A. is B. are C. was D. were6. — Do you like the flower ? — Yes, it sweet. A. is smelling B. smelt C. is smelt D. smells7. On my visit to Australia, I feel Australians are similar ______ us in many ways. A. with B. in C. to D. at 8. Sydney Opera House ______ a usual theatre and it symbolizes Australia. A. likes B. doesn’t like C. isn’t like D. looks like 9. — Lisa, who’s the girl _____ glasses in the photo? — It’s me. I used to wear glasses and have long hair. A. by B. of C. on D. with 10. --What do you expect me to do? --The house needs______.A. painting B. painted C. being painted D.be painted11. Mary is fond of ______ herself in blue. A. work B. to work C. working D. worked 119. His father ________ to work in Hong Kong 3 years ago. A. sent B. was sent C. has sent D. has been sent120. ---Did you go to the exhibition on May 18th?---Of course. There were many kinds of Taiwan fruits_________.A. on show B. on duty C. on business D. on air121. He asked his boss for_________ because he felt sick this morning.A .sick holiday B. sick vacation C. leave D. sick leave122. Did you _______ the picnic yesterday? Yes, we _______ it very much A. enjoy, enjoy B. enjoyed, enjoyed C. enjoy, enjoyed D. enjoyed, enjoying123. She speaks English so well that I ____ that she is English. A. regard as B. take it for granted C. think of D. believe it124. He went to the store and ____ a gift for his son. A. found out B. picked out C. threw out D. picked up125. I ____ to tell my family the good news about my being admitted to Beijing University. A. estimated B. contacted C. hastened D. thought126. It’s unfair ____ most women do not earn equal pay for equal work. A. that B. why C. what D. which127. ____ going to Tianjin yesterday to attend his daughter’s wedding, Dr. Wilson flew to Xi’an for an emergency case. A. Instead B. Instead of C. In case of D. In return128. The shop assistant ____ a receipt for the customer who bought a TV set. A. took out B. fished out C. made out D. picked out129. There are many sheep _______ their farm.A. at B. in C. on D. within130. Many Chinese family eat moon cakes _______ the moonlight on Mid-Autumn Day.A. on B. under C. in D. at131. Mr. Greens will_____ a party _____ weekends.A. to hold; at B. to hold; on C. to have; at D. have; at 132. An ID card (身份证)_______ the personal particulars about the holder such as name, age, sex, photograph and so on.A. give B. gives C. provide D. provides133. I can’t ____ my present salary. A. turn on B. put on C. pass on D. live on134. Read the paper and ____ it ____ to the other teachers. A. hand … in B. live … on C. turn … on D. pass … on135. Lily is quite _______ playing piano.A. skill on B. skill C. skilled in D. skilled136. We’ve got about twenty guests coming so if I put two dozen chairs that should be ____. A. sufficient B. enough C. efficient D. adequacy137. She takes the ____ that children should be allowed to learn at their own pace. A. aptitude B. altitude C. attribute D. attitude138. He’s _____ not to let his parents stop him from doing what he wants to do. A. decided B. determined C. persisted D. insisted139. The war had just ____ an end, but for any who had fought, the suffering had just begun. A. gone to B. gone through C. come through D. come to140. He intends to replace the secretary he has dismissed by a less glamorous but rather more one. A. industrial B. wasteful C. effective D. efficient141. The response to our advertisement has been somewhat ; we are all deeply at the result. A. disappointed, disappointing B. disappointed, disappointed C. disappointing, disappointing D. disappointing, disappointed142. the price maybe, they are prepared to pay for it. A .Whatever B. What C. However D. Whichever143. It is ____ that he has to ask for help. A. so a big job B. a so big job C. a such big job D. such a big job144. Only in the past hundred years . A. all that has changed B. all that have changed C. has all that changed D. have all that changed145. The dress she bought last year was this winter. A. out of level B. out of measure C. out of doors D. out of style146. When ____ we meet again? A. you suggest B. you suggested C. you suggesting D. did you suggest147. The fact ____ he cheated on exams was revealed in the end. A. which B. that C. what D. it148. We all thought ____ a pity that you were unable to watch the game. A. which B. it C. that D. what149. He should ____ what he’s good at, and not try and do something he knows nothing about. A. push into B. stick to C. accept D. bear150. Guilin is quite ____ a visit. A. worthy of B. worthy to C. worthy D. worth of151. They were all very tired, but ______ of them would stop to take a rest. A. any B. some C. none D. neither152. There was no doubt he was a fine scholar. A. as B. that C. whether D. if153. It me two hours to get there by bus. A. spent B. took C. used D. paid154. he says is not always true.A. How B. Where C. When D. What155. They will fulfill the plan of time.A. ahead B. behind C. after D. before156. Tom and Dick are good friends and often visit . A. one another B. one the other C. each others D. each other157. We soon the place where we often meet. A. arrived at B. got C. came D. returned158. After that unforgettable love, he became more understanding. A. has experienced B. experiencing C. experience D. experienced159. There is a of two hours with the 7:150 train. A. delay B. delays C. late D. later160. John is helping his girlfriend her paper. A. for B. on C. with D. over161. _____ to the Chinese Culture Club. You can learn Beijing opera here. A. Coming B. Welcome C. Well come D. Will come162. Our English professor is very _____ in using chopsticks. A. skilled B. great C. likely D. good163. You should fill in this application _____ very carefully. A. passport B. letter C. visa D. form164. He _____ many beautiful post cards to us. A. takes B. shows C. obtains D. has165. The big tree _____ a lot of red apples. A. bears B. wears C. grows D. takes166. Instead of _____ for the teacher to explain, they tried to find the rules by themselves.A. wait B. waiting C. being waited D. to wait167. The manager demanded that this job ______before next Monday.A. will be finished B. is finished C. will finish D. be finished168. He decided to give his son everything ______he owned after his death.A. which B. when C. that D. where169. She has just missed her bus _______ the timetable has changed.A. whether B. where C. that D. because170. They all jumped with joy, ______ the exciting news.A. heard B. hear C. hearingD. to hear171. The fish doesn’t _____ as good as it looks, so he is disappointed.A. eat B. taste C. drinkD. swim172. He is sad because he finds that what he has done is ______.A. meaningful B. interesting C. meaningless D. perfect 173. He took the medicine, but it didn’t have any .A. answer B. cause C. effect D. work174. I hadn’t seen him for years, but I his voice on the telephone.A. realized B. discovered C. recognized D. heard 175. How much does the shop-owner ______ for such a pair of shoes?A. charge B. pay C. spend D. earn176. He can’t to have a car.A. afraid B. affect C. afford D. affair177. I wanted to that you were all right.A. make for B. make up C. make out D. make sure178. I am very grateful all those who took the trouble to write to us.A. for B. to C. at D. in179. A bird had settled on a tree close to I was standing. A. the place B. it C. which D. where180. She is a good student, ______she? A. is B. isn't C. does D. doesn't参考答案:1-5BBDBC 6-10DCCDA 11-15CCCAD 16-20CDDCC 21-25AACDB 26-30 BADBC 31-35BDCAD 36-40BDCDB 41-45ABDAB 46-50ABBBC 51-55 DCCDB 56-60 AACDB 61-65 BCCCA 66-70 BDCDC 71-75 BBBDD 76-80 ACDCA 81-85BBDCA 86-90ADBAA 91-95CCCAA 96-100BBDCD 101-105 ADBDD 106-110 AABCC 111-115 ADDCD 116-120 CABBA 121-125 DCBBC126-130 ABCCC 131-135 DDDDC 136-140 BDBDD 141-145 DADCD 146-150 DBBBA 151-155 CBBDA 156-160 DABAC 161-165 BADBA’’’’166-170 BDCDC 171-175 BCCCA 176-180 CDBDB A. dressed B. being dressed C. dressing D. dress12. I feel it is your husband who for the spoiled child.A. is to blame B. is going to blame C. is to be blamed D. should blame13. The bridge in three weeks. A. will build B. is built C. will be built D. builds14. Up to now, scientists have not found out how to patient of that disease.A. cure B. treat C. deal with D. get rid of15. It is expected that in the future robots will ______ man to do those dangerous jobs. A. relax B. relate C. request D. replace16. Mary’s dress is similar in design her sister’s. A. with B. like C. to D. as17. Elderly people best to a calm and unhurried environment . A. response B. reply C. answer D. respond18. He needs to marry a down-to-earth(实际的) person who will his life for him. A. classify B. sort C. collect D. organize19. --What happened to her ________ that cold winter evening? -- I don't know, and I'm also curious _______ it. A. /; of B. in; about C. on; about D. on; for20. We ______ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part that day. A. set about B. set up C. set out D. set down21. English, he has to study a second foreign language. A. In addition to B. In addition C. Except D. But22. Foods quickly and break down if they are not stored. A. spoil B. hurt C. damage D. destroy23. Many people often that they can’t find true love. A. talk B. speak C. complain D. quarrel24. How did the soldiers that order of the officer? A. try out B. look out C. take out D. carry out25. My interest in stamp collecting dates my schooldays. A. on B. from C. in D. back 26. My little sister is only .A. one year B. one year oldC. one year olds D. one years old27. About of the workers in the steel works are young people.A. three-fifths B. three-fivesC. third-fifths D. three-fifth28. Lee ________ his mobile phone at home.A. leave B. leaves C. leaved D. left29. _____ he ________ a good rest? No, he didn’t.A. Do, had B. Did, have C. Did, had D. Was, had30. The Smiths _______ in China for 8 years. A. has lived B. lived C. have been D. live 31. --Who will go to the station to meet Lorry? --I will. I her several times. A. met B. have met C. had met D. will meet32. He ________ her a beautiful hat on her next birthday. A. gives B. gave C. will giving D. is going to give 33. He ________ to us as soon as he gets there. A. writes B. has written C. will write D. wrote 34. It snowed heavily last night. The ground thick snow.A. was covered with B. was filled withC. was made of D. covered with35. The light in the room before you leave. A. must turn of B. will turn off C. are turned D. must be turned off36. the kind of question often in your class , Ann ? A. Does, ask B. Is, asked C. Has, asked D. Will, ask37. Mike would like to travel _______ the world instead of staying _______ home during the winter holiday. A. to; at B. around; for C. in; at D. around; at 38. The man makes a living _______ teaching. A. without B. with C. by D. on39. It is reported that a lot of adults take lessons online further education. A. after B. to C. with D. for40. It won’t be long before such a thing again.A. will happen B. happens C. is happened D. happened41. The room ______ 100 students or so. A. can hold B. is held C. can be held D. was held42. Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge? It will fresh for several days.A. be stayed B. stay C. be staying D. have stayed43. The old men and the children must in our country. A. take good care B. be taken good care C. take good care of D. be taken good care of44. The question is worth again. A. discussing B. discussed C. to discuss D. discuss45. Lisa had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first ________. A. intention B. attempt C. purpose D. desire46. In much of the animal world, night is the time ______ for sleep—pure and simple.A. set aside B. set down C. set off D. set up47. It is very to be interrupted by advertisement at intervals(间隔). A. annoyed B. annoying C. being annoyed D. to annoy48. People appreciate with him because he has a good sense of humor.A. to work B. working C. to have worked D. having worked49. Taking the job involves in the text two years. A. living at abroad B. living abroad C. to live abroad D. in living abroad50. Whenever we have trouble our studies, our teachers help us patiently. A. in B. at C. with D. for51. We cannot for long without food and drink. A. support B. maintain C. remain D. survive52. There is a smell of smoke in my room. A. vivid B. clear C. distinct D. delicious53. Not until he had finished his did he realize that he was seriously ill. A. massive B. motive C. mission D. motion54. It was the Chinese first invented the compass. A. which B. what C. how D. who55. He'll be angry if you try to ________ him. He is very busy now.A. interfere in B. interfere with C. disturb with D. worry about56. The hero in the story is an artist is his .A. thirties B. thirtyC. thirty’s D. thirtieth57. classes are English and math.A. The first two B. Two the firstC. First two the D. The two first58. As soon as he ________, he ______ to his family.A. arrived, writes B. arrived, written C. arrived, wrote D. arrived, write59. Mr. Black was late because he _______ his way.A. losted B. lose C. loses D. lost60. It is ten years I last saw her. A. after B. since C. for D. that 61. The fish doesn’t _____ as good as it looks, so he is disappointed.A. eat B. taste C. drinkD. swim62. He is sad because he finds that what he has done is ______.A. meaningful B. interesting C. meaningless D. perfect63. He took the medicine, but it didn’t have any .A. answer B. cause C. effect D. work 64. I hadn’t seen him for years, but I his voice on the telephone.A. realized B. discovered C. recognized D. heard 65. How much does the shop-owner ______ for such a pair of shoes?A. charge B. pay C. spend D. earn66. Instead of _____ for the teacher to explain, they tried to find the rules by themselves.A. wait B. waiting C. being waited D. to wait67. The manager demanded that this job ______before next Monday.A. will be finished B. is finished C. will finish D. be finished68. He decided to give his son everything ______he owned after his death.A. which B. when C. that D. where69. She has just missed her bus _______ the timetable has changed.A. whether B. where C. that D. because70. They all jumped with joy, ______ the exciting news.A. heard B. hear C. hearing D. to hear71. He is thinking of a way to keep the machine when he is away.A. runs B. running C. to run D. run72. Tom stayed with his parents he grew up and got married.A. because B. until C. so that D. if73. You are asked to write a report the above topics are to be covered.A. which B. in which C. while D. when74. If I there yesterday, I would have given you a hand.A. were B. was C. have been D. had been75. He didn’t know to do and what to say at that moment.A. how B. when C. where D. what76. He had no job and he had to rely his parents. A. on B. in C. of D. from77. Don’t you think it is time for you to smoking?A. give in B. give off C. give up D. give away 78. Mary never tells anyone what she does for a .A. job B. work C. profession D. living 79. Do you think Tommy is the truth? A. saying B. speaking C. telling D. talking 80. The idea sounds very good but it is not possible to work in ______. A. practice B place C advance D. company81. When _________ Lee ________ school this morning?A. did, got to B. did, get to C. did, get D. did, got82. ______ you ________ at six o’clock yesterday?A. Do, get up B. Did, get up C. Do, got up D. Did, got up83. How long have you _______ here? A. come B. got C. arrived D. been88. There __________ a meeting tomorrow afternoon. A. will be going to B. will going to be C. is going to be D. will go to be85. There are ___________ days in a year. A. three hundred and sixty five B. three hundred and sixty-five C. three hundreds and sixty five D. three hundreds and sixty-five86. It him more than what was reasonable to have his watch repaired. A. cost B. consumed C. wasted D. spent87. The article is so badly written that I can hardly ______ what the writer is trying to say. A. find out B. fill out C. think out D. figure out88. The liquid was heated until the temperature 1000℃. A. arrived B. reached C. achieved D. attained89. These kids each had three cookies, and when they went out, hardly ____ cookies were left. A. any B. some C. ever D. few90. Never use such language in front of your children. A. strong B. forceful C. heavy D. rigid91. It is said that old people do not like having their daily ______ upset(打乱). A. custom B. habit C. routine D. practice 92. Though Mr. Li is not a professional writer, he has become an ______ member of the Writers’ Association(作家协会). A. honor B. honored C. honorary D. honorable93. It is said that great men often have great ______. A. errors B. mistakes C. faults D. flaws94. The city government has planned to ______ the two islands with a bridge. A. connect B. contact C. combine D. unite95. As one of the four ______ of the company he often had to attend important policy meetings. A. directors B. bosses C. presidents D. governors96. We traveled overnight to Paris and arrived _______ 5 o’clock ______ the morning. A. on; in B. at; in C. at; on D. in; on97. She sent her friend a postcard _______ a birthday present. A. on B. as C. for D. of98. The reading room ________ yesterday afternoon. A. cleaned B. is cleaned C. was cleaning D. was cleaned 99. Food ________ in a cool place in summer. A. must keep B. mustn’t keep C. must be kept D. mustn’t be kept 100. ---Why do you always sleep ? ---Because I’m afraid of the dark.A. by yourself B. with the door open C. with the window open D. with the light on101. Will you please say it again? I ________ quite _______ you.A. didn’t, hear B. don’t, heard C. didn’t, heard D. don’t, hear102. What did you see _________?A. now B. every day C. these days D. just now103. --- you ever to the US? --- Yes, twice. A. Have, gone B. Have, been C. Do, go D. were, going 104. Charlie ________ here next month. A. isn’t working B. doesn’t working C. isn’t going to working D. won’t work105. Mary is _________ girl. A. an 8 year old B. 8-years-old C. the 8 years old D. an 8-year-old 106. Jean doesn’t ______ her roommates and there are often disagreements between them.A. get on with B. take to C. put up with D. go on with107. Automobile(汽车)production of the present time has been increased .A. greatly B. highly C. infinitely D. much108. He’s too pleased with himself.A. fairly B. rather C. very D. quite109. Someone shouted “fire” but it was a alarm and there was no danger.A. untrue B. wrong C. false D. fierce110. Your socks ______ your shoes; they look very well together.A. fit B. suit C. match D. correspond111. Anyone who has spent time with children is aware of the difference in the way boys and girls respond to ______ situations. A. similar B. same C. alike D. likely112. It is absolutely ______ that our team will win the game.A. exact B. sure C. right D. certain113. His wife earns a high ______ as a manager.A. saving B. wages C. income D. salary 114. I can’t advise you what to do; you must use your own ______.A. opinion B. justice C. judgement D. thought 115. Under the Constitution(宪法), government cannot interfere ______ the private lives of citizens.A. of B. into C. with D. in 116. Where’s Lily? We are all here _______ her. A. beside B. about C. except D. with117. Jack has studied Chinese in this school _______ the year of 2000.A. since B. in C. on D. by118. The workers were made ________ ten hours a day.
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