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《大学英语 4》课程综合复习资料一、Use of English(交际用语)1. —Thank you for your invitation. —__________ A. It doesn’t matter B. It’s a pleasure. C. It’s a small thing. D. I’ll appreciate it.答案:B2. —What a beautiful dress you have on today! —__________ A. It is suitable for me. B. No, it isn’t. C. You want to have one, too? D. Thank you.答案:D3. —I think he is a good lecturer. —__________ A. Sorry, it doesn’t matter. B. So do I. C. Yes. It’s a good idea. D. I don’t mind.答案:B4. —Do you commute to work? —No, I work at home. _____ A. You work? B. How about you?C. You do not work. D. You work by train.答案:B5. — When are you going on holiday? —_________ A. Last night. B. Next week. C. By plane. D. With my brother.答案:B6. —What's the date today? —_________ A. It's October. B. It's Monday.C. It's not the right time. D. The second of July.答案:D7. —Why didn't you tell me? —_________ A. Sorry, I forgot. B. I'm sorry you should wait.C.I don't know. D. I'd love to.答案:A8. —This is a birthday present for you.— _________ A. What's the problem? B. Oh, what a surprise!大学英语 4 第 1 页 共 13 页 13. Few students failed in the exam at the end of last term, _______?A.do theyB.didn't theyC.don't theyD.did they答案:D14. We moved to the front row _____we could hear and see better.A.so asB.so thatC. becauseD. such that答案:B15. The accident was ______ to careless driving.A. for B. likely C. due D. because答案:C五、Cloze(选词填空)Passage1Modern zoos are very different from zoos that were built fifty years ago. At that time, zoos wereplaces __1__ people could go to see animals from many parts of the world. The animals lived in cages thatwere made __2__ concrete with iron bars, cages that were easy to keep clean.Unfortunately for the animals, the cages were small and impossible to hide in. the zoo environmentwas anything __3__ natural. Although the zoo keepers took good care of the animals and fed them well,many of the animals did not thrive; they behaved in strange ways, and they often became ill.In modern zoos, people can see animals in more natural habits. The animals are __4__ more freedomin large areas so that they can live more comfortably as they would in nature. Even the appearance of zooshas changed, trees and grass grow in the cages, and streams of water flow __5__ the areas that animals livein.A. of B. but C. where D. over E. given答案:CABEDPassage2Eagle has the longest life-span of its species. Eagle can __1__ up to 70 years, but to reach this age, theeagle must make a hard decision.In its 40’s, its long and flexible talons (爪)can no longer grab prey (掠食)which serve as food,its long and sharp beak (鸟嘴, 喙) becomes, bent. Its old-aged and heavy wings, due to their thickfeathers, become stuck to its chest and make it __2__ to fly. Then eagle is left with only two options: die orgo through a painful process of change which lasts 150 days for survival.There process require that eagle fly to a mountain top and sit on its nest. There the eagle knocks its大学英语 4 第 10 页 共 13 页 beak __3__ a rock until it plucks (拔去) it out. After plucking it out, eagle will wait for a new beak to growback. When its new talons grow back, the eagle starts plucking its old-aged feathers and after five months,eagle can take its flight of rebirth and lives for thirsty __4__ years.Many times, in order to survive, we have to start a change process. We sometimes need to __5___ oldmemories, habits and other past traditions. Only freed from past burdens, can we take advantage of thepresent.A. against B. difficult C. get rid of D. live E. more答案:DBAECPassage 3It is always interesting to visit another country, especially for those who have never travelled a greatdeal. Foreign __1__ can be very educational for anyone if he is interested enough to make preparationsbeforehand. Learning the language of the new country would be difficult for the traveler, __2__ the benefitsof such an effort would become obvious immediately on his arrival. It may not seem important to him whenhe comfortably stays at home, but knowing how to order a meal or book a room is necessary for thenewcomer in a strange country. Without knowing the language, it is very difficult __3__ the stranger tounderstand the people of the new country and their customs.Of course, in our small world it is often possible to find someone who understands our own, but this isonly second-best for the traveler. To be sure, he can see places and thins without the use of a language, butplaces and things __4__ not the heart of any country. To get the greatest benefit from a trip __5__ anothercountry, it is how important for the visitor to have an understanding of the language.A. travel B. are C. for D. but E. to答案:ADCBEPassage 4More and more teachers and parents have noticed another kind of pollution, which came from the printed papers sold on streets.These printed things look like newspaper but have hardly anything to do with them. You can only find reading materials badly __1__ there —some are too strange for anyone to believe, __2__ are frightening stories of something even worse. However, many of the young students are getting absorbed in such poisonous reading, which costs them what they should pay for their breakfast and bring them nightmares and immoral idea in return. Homework is left undone, daily games lost.These sellers shout on streets selling their papers well. The writers, publishers and printers, __3__ theyare, we never know, are making their silent money. The sheep skinned wolf’s stories seem to have been forgotten once again.Why not forbid this kind of things at school? Yes, both teachers and parents have ask each other for more strict control of the young readers. Yet unfortunately, __4__ you want to forbid it, the more they want to have a look at it. Sometimes you may even find several children share one patched paper, which has travelled from one hand to another driven by the curious nature.It really does harm to our society. It has already formed a sort of moral pollution. The __5__ teachers and parents need more powerful support. Meanwhile, the young readers need more interesting books to help them get rid of these ugly papers. 大学英语 4 第 11 页 共 13 页 A. others B. made up C. worried D. whoever E. the more答案:BADECPassage 5Do you sleep well last night? Maybe many people will answer: No. In fact, in the world about one in three people do not have good sleep. __1__ you say you do not have good sleep, it means waking early and not getting back to sleep, often interrupted short period of sleep, or hours of wakefulness. You __2__ get tired, worried, and anxious. Your memory and ability to remember things will be affected. Then what should you do when you have the trouble? Do not worry about it too much. First, let’s see whether you can sleep yourself. The ways are as follows:First, __3__ that your bedroom isn’t too cold or too hot. Keep it dark and quiet.Second, check your lifestyle:Do not drink tea, coffee, cola or chocolate four hours before going to bed. Drink less liquid so that youcan have no or fewer visits to the toilet.Set your body clock well by getting up and going to bed at the fixed time every day. You __4__ take any daytime naps.Develop a relaxing bedtime habit. Read or listen to music, then take a warm bath. If you really can notsleep, try some bread, rice or milk. They will help you fall asleep. Go for a daily walk. Natural light helps you to put your body clock into correct habit, __5__ do exercise outdoors if you can.Forget the worried of the day. Write down any worries, thoughts or questions before you go to bed. With these written down, you will have less to think about and your sleep will become easier.A. make sure B. may C. If D. had better E. so答案:CBADEPassage 6It’s very interesting to stud names of different countries. Chinese names are different __1__ foreignnames. Once an English lady came to visit me. When I was introduced to her she said, “Glad to meet you,Miss Ping.” Then she gave me her name card with three words on it: “Betty J. Black”. So I said, “Thankyou, Miss Betty.” We looked at each other and laughed heartily. Later I found that the English people__2___ their family names last and the given name first, while their middles are not used very much. Iexplained to her that the Chinese family name comes first, the given name last, so she __3__ never call meMiss Ping. She asked if we Chinese had a middle name. I told her we didn’t. but people may often findthree words on a Chinese name card. In this case the family name still comes first, and the other words afterit __4__ a two-word given name. It is quite usual in China. My sister is Li Xiaofang. She has two words inher given name instead __5__ just one like mine. A. put B. from C. should D. of E. are答案:BACED六、Translation (英译汉)1. You needn’t go there anymore. He already knows about it.大学英语 4 第 12 页 共 13 页 答案:你不必去了,他已经知道那件事了。2. It’s very important to maintain your current weight through exercise and healthy eating.答案:通过锻炼和健康饮食来保持你目前的体重是非常重要的。3. It normally takes a semester for a college freshman to adjust to his college life.答案:大学新生一般需要花一个学期来适应大学生活。4. I would appreciate it if you would just let me deal with this case. 答案:如果你能让我独自处理这桩案件,我将不胜感激。七、Writing(写作)1.中国新年The Chinese New Year1.简单介绍中国新年即春节2.你喜欢的新年庆祝活动2.报纸Newspapers1.介绍你熟悉的主要报纸2.你喜欢看的报纸及理由3.梦想My Dream1.你的梦想是什么2.如何实现梦想4.电视广告TV Ads1.电视广告的优缺点2.介绍你喜欢的电视广告5.英语学习中的困难How to Overcome Difficulties in My English Studies1.你在英语学习中遇到什么困难2.你如何克服这些困难6. 同事/同学My Colleague/Classmate1.介绍你的一位同事/同学2.你这位同事/同学有什么特点7.我最喜欢的书The Book I Like Best1.你最喜欢哪本书2.你喜欢的理由大学英语 4 第 13 页 共 13 页 C.I can't help it! D. It's a pleasure.答案:B9. — How do you like our city?—_________ A.I came here by plane. B. Oh, I love it. It's so exciting.C. It's quite difficult to answer. D. What do you think of it?答案:B10. — How many students do you teach? —_________ A. Quite a bit. B. More boys than girls.C. About 50. D. Three mornings.答案:C11. —What do you do? —_________ A. What do you do? B. Fine, thank you. C. I'm a college student. D.I do well in my studies.答案:C12. —We are planning an outing. _______—Sure. A. Where are you going? B. When will you leave?C. How is everything? D. Do you want to join us?答案:D13. —You seem to be lost. Need help? —_________ A. Yes, would you please help me with the bag?B. Help me find my key, please.C. Yes, with pleasure.D. I'm looking for Zhongshan Road. 答案:D14.—Do you like to play basketball? —__________ A. Perhaps. B. No. Xiaowang does not like it. C. I am crazy about it. D. I am pleased about it.答案:C15. — You speak English well. —_________. A. Thank you for saying so B.I don't think soC. No, I don't speak well enough D. Certainly答案:A二、True or False(阅读理解判断题)Passage 1In choosing a friend, one should be very careful. A good friend can help you study. You can have fun大学英语 4 第 2 页 共 13 页 together and make each other happy. Sometimes you will meet fair weather friends. They will be with youas long as you have money or luck, but when you are down, they will run away. How do I know when Ihave found a good friend? I look for certain qualities of character, especially understanding, honesty andreliability(可靠).A good friend, above all else, tries to understand how another person is feeling. He is not quick tojudge. Instead, he tries to learn from others. He put himself in the other person’s place, and he tries to thinkof ways to be helpful. He is also a good listener. At the same time, a good friend is honest. He does not look for faults in others. He notices their goodpoints. In short, a friend will try to understand me and accept me.Another quality of a friend is reliability. I can always depend on a good friend. If he tells me he willmeet me somewhere at a certain time, I can be sure that he will there. If I need a favor, he will do his best tohelp me. If I am in trouble, he will not run away from me.When I meet someone who is reliable, honest, and understanding, I know I’ve found a friend!1. The writer thinks that one of the important qualities in choosing a friend is understanding.A. T B. F2. If you have fair weather friends, you will be lucky.A. T B. F3. Good friends need to understand each other’s feeling.A. T B. F4. This passage is mainly discussing the qualities of a friend.A. T B. F5. The meaning of the phrase “a fair weather friend” understand in the 1st paragraph is a friend who sharedifficulties with you.A. T B. F答案:ABAABPassage 2The French Revolution broke out in 1789. At the time France was in a crisis. The government wasbadly run and people’s lives were miserable. King Louis XIV tried to control the national parliament andraise more taxes. But his effort failed. He ordered his troops to Versailles. The people thought that Louisintended to put down the Revolution by force. On July 14, 1789, they stormed and took the Bastille, wherepolitical prisoners were kept. Ever since that day, July 14 has been the French National Day. Louis tried toflee the country in 1792, to get support from Austria and Prussia. However, he was caught and put inprison. In September 1792, the monarchy was abolished. In the same year, Louis was executed. A fewmonths later his wife, Marie, also had her head cut off. The Revolution of France had frightened the otherkings of Europe. Armies from Austria and Prussia began to march against France. The French raisedrepublican armies to defend the nation. The Revolution went through a period of terror. Thousands ofpeople lost their lives. In the end, power passed to Napoleon Bonaparte.1. This passage is about the French Revolution.A. T B. F2. The national economy was developing rapidly in 1789.A. T B. F3. The political prisoners were kept in Prussia.A. T B. F4. The underlined word “abolished” mean “ended”大学英语 4 第 3 页 共 13 页 A. T B. F5. The effect of the Revolution was that the King tried to control the national parliament.A. T B. F答案:ABBABPassage 3A foreigner’s first impression of the U.S. is likely to be that everyone is in a rush — often underpressure. City people appear always to be hurrying to get where they are going restlessly, seeking attentionin a store, and elbowing others as they try to complete their errands( 任务). Racing through daytime mealsis part of life in this country.Working time is considered precious. Others in public eating places are waiting for you to finish sothat they can be served and get back to work within the time allowed. Each person hurries to make room forthe next person. If you don’t, waiters will hurry you.You also find drivers will be abrupt and that people will push past you. You will miss smiles, briefconversations, and small courtesies with strangers. Don’t take it personally. This is because people valuetime highly, and they resent someone else “wasting” it beyond a certain courtesy point.The view of time affects the importance we attach to patience. In the American system of values,patience is not a high priority. Many of us have what might be called “a short fuse”. We begin to moverestlessly about if we feel time is slipping away without some return—be this in terms of pleasure, workvalue, or rest. Those coming from lands where time is looked upon differently may find this matter of placeto be one of their most difficult adjustments in both business and daily life.Many newcomers to the States will miss the opening courtesy of a business call, for example, they willmiss the ritual socializing that goes with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee that may be traditional in theirown country. They may miss leisurely business chats in a café or coffeehouse. Normally, Americans do notassess their visitors in such relaxed surroundings over prolonged small talks. We seek out evidence of pastperformance rather than evaluate a business colleague through social courtesies. Since we generally assesand probe professionally rather than socially, we start talking business very quickly.1. The statement that Americans are impolite to their business colleagues is wrong.A. T B.F2. In the fourth paragraph, “a high priority” means “a fish concern”.A. T B.F3. Americans evaluate a business colleague by establishing business relations.A. T B.F4. This passage mainly talks about how Americans do business with foreigners.A. T B.F5. We can infer from the passage that the author’s tone in writing is praiseful.A. T B.F答案:AABBAPassage 4Martin Luther King was a black minister, who became a great leader of the civil rights movement inthe 1950s and 1960s.King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgis. When he was young, he was stronglyinfluenced by Thoreau and Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of non-violent resistance. Havingreceived a Ph. D (Doctor of Philosophy) from Boston University, he became a political and religious leaderof the non-violent civil relights movement in 1955. On August 28, 1963, he led over 250,000 American on大学英语 4 第 4 页 共 13 页 a march in Washington D.C. to fight for the civil Rights Law to guarantee equality for all people, anddelivered his best known speech, “I Have a Dream” before the Lincoln Memorial. The “dream” is a dreamof brotherly love and equality for the Black and White. Thus, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace in1964, but he was murdered four years later.Though he died, he was greatly respected and loved by the Americans, both the white and the black.By vote of Congress in 1968, the third Monday of every January is now a federal holiday in Luther King’shonor. He lives in people’s hearts forever.1. Marthin Luther King was murdered when he was 39 years old. A. T B. F2. Martin Luther King was a black minister only.A. T B. F3. Mrtin Luther King’s Day has been a federal holiday for more than 40 years.A. T B. F4. The underlined word “delivered” in the second paragraph could be replaced by “gave”.A. T B. F5. The best title for this passage is “Civil Rights Law.”A. T B. F答案:ABAABPassage 5Sixteen-year-old Maria was waiting in line at the airport in Santo Domingo. She was leaving her nativecountry to join her sister in the United States. She spoke English very well. Though she was very happy shecould go abroad, she was feeling sad at leaving her family and friends. As she was thinking all about this,she suddenly heard the airline employee asking her to pick up her luggage and put it on the scales( 称)。Maria pulled and pulled. The bag was too heavy and she just couldn’t lift it up. The man behind her gotvery impatient. He, too, was waiting to check in his luggage.“What’s wrong with this girl?” He said, “Why doesn’t she hurry up?” he moved forward and placed his bagon the counter, hoping to check in first. He was in a hurry to get a good rest.Maria was very angry, but she was very polite. And in her best English she said,” Why are you so upset?There are enough seats for everyone on the plane. Is you are in such a hurry, why can’t you give me a handwith my luggage?”The man was surprised to hear Maria speak English. He quickly picked up her luggage and stepped back.Everyone was looking at him with disapproval.1. Maria’s story happened on her way back to Santo Domingo.A. T B. F2. You believed that the work of the airline employee mentioned in the story is to check people’s luggage atthe airport.A. T B. F3. “Why are you so upset?” Maria said to the man. She wanted to tell him that he should not be unhappyand worried.A. T B. F4. “Everyone was looking at him with disapproval.” This sentence means that the people around felt sorry for Maria’s manners.A. T B. F大学英语 4 第 5 页 共 13 页 5. The author mentioned Maria’s age at the beginning of the story in order to show that she was young but behaved properly.A. T B. F答案:BAABA三、Reading Comprehension (阅读理解单选题)Passage 1In the United States, it is not customary to telephone someone very early in the morning. If youtelephone him early in the day, while he is shaving or having breakfast, the time of the call shows that thematter is very important and requires immediate attention. The same meaning is attached to telephone callsmade after 11:00 p.m. If someone receives a call during sleeping hours, he assumes it’s a matter of life ordeath. The time chosen for the call communicates its importance. In social life, time plays a very importantpart. In the U.S.A. guests tend to feel they are not highly regarded if the invitation to a dinner party isextended only three or four days before the party date. But it is not true in all countries. In other areas of theworld, it may be considered foolish to make an appointment too far in advance because plans which aremade for a date more than a week away tend to be forgotten. The meaning of time differs in different partsof the world. Thus, misunderstandings arise between people from different cultures that treat timedifferently. Promptness is valued highly in American life, for example. If people are not prompt, they maybe regarded as impolite or not fully responsible. In the U.S. no one would think of keeping a businessassociate waiting for an hour, it would be too impolite. A person who is 5 minutes late, will say a few wordsof explanation, though perhaps he will not complete the sentence.1. What is the main idea of this passage? A. It is not customary to telephone someone in the morning and in sleeping hours in the U.S.B. The role of time in social life over the world. C. If people are not prompt, they may be regarded as impolite or not fully responsible in the U.S.D. Not every country treats the concept of time as the same.2. What does it mean in the passage if you call someone during his or her sleeping hours? A. A matter of work.B. A matter of life or death. C. You want to see him or her.D. You want to make an appointment with him or her.3. Which of the following time is proper if you want to make an appointment with your friend? A. at 7: 00 am. B. at 4:00 pm.C. at the midnight. D. at 4:00 am. 4. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. In the U.S.A guests tend to feel they are highly regarded if the invitation to a dinner party isextended only three or four days before the party date.B. There is no misunderstanding arising between people from different cultures about the concept oftime.C. It may be considered foolish to make an appointment well in advance in the U.S.A..D. Promptness is valued highly in American life. 5. From the passage we can safely infer that __________. A. it’s a matter of life or death if you call someone in day time大学英语 4 第 6 页 共 13 页 B. the meaning of time differs in different parts of the world C. it makes no difference in the U.S. whether you are early or late for a business partyD. if a person is late for a date, he needn’t make some explanation答案:BBBDBPassage 2There are three kinds of goals: short-term, medium-range and long-term goals.Short-term goals are those that usually deal with current activities, which we can apply on a dailybasis. Such goals can be achieved in a week or less, or two weeks, or possibly, months. It should beremembered that just as a building is no stronger than its foundation, long-term goals cannot amount tovery much without the achievement of solid short-term goals. Upon completing our short-term goals, weshould date the occasion and then add new short-term goals that will build on those that have beencompleted.The intermediate goals build on the foundation of the short-term goals. They might deal with just oneterm of school or the entire school year, or they could even extend for several years. Any time you move astep at a time, you should never allow yourself to become discouraged or overwhelmed. As you completeeach step, you will enforce the belief in your ability to grow and succeed. And as your list of completiondates grow, your motivation and desire will increase.Long-term goals may be related to our dreams of the future. They might cover five years or more. Lifeis not a static thing. We should never allow a long-term goal to limit us or our course of action.1. Our long-term goals mean a lot ____________.A. If we cannot reach solid short-term goals B. If we complete the short-term goalsC. If we have dreams of the future D. If we put forward some plans2. New short-term goals are built upon _______. A. a daily basis B. your achievement in a weekC. current activities D. the goals that have been completed3. When we complete each step of our goals, ____________.A. we will win final successB. we are overwhelmedC. we should build up confidence of successD. we should have strong desire for setting new goals4. What is the main idea of this passage? A Life is a dynamic thing. B. we should set up long-term goalsC. Different kinds of goals in life. D. The limitation of long-term goals.5. Which of the following statements is wrong according to the passage? ____________A. The long-term goals cannot amount to very much without the achievement of solid short-term goalsB. The intermediate goals build on the foundation of the short-term goals.C. Life is a static thing, thus we should never allow a long-term goal to limit us or our course ofaction.D. We should often add new short-term goals to those which have been completed.答案:BDCCCPassage 3What makes a person a scientist? Does he have ways or tools of learning that are different from thoseof others? The answer is “no”. It is not the tools a scientist uses but how he uses these tools that make him ascientist. You will probably agree that knowing how to use a power is important to a carpenter. You will大学英语 4 第 7 页 共 13 页 probably agree, too, that knowing how to investigate, how to discover information, is important toeveryone. The scientist, however, goes one step further, he must be sure that he has a reasonable answer tohis questions and that his answer can be confirmed by other persons. He also works to fit the answer he getsto many questions into a large set of ideas about how the world works.The scientist’s knowledge must be exact. There is no room for half right or right just half the time. Hemust be as nearly right as the conditions permit. What works under one set of conditions at one time mustwork under the same conditions at other times. If the conditions are different, any changes the scientistobserves in a demonstration must be explained by the changes in the conditions. This is one reason thatinvestigations are important in science. Albert Einstein, who developed the theory of relativity, arrived atthis theory through mathematics. The accuracy of this mathematics was later tested through investigations,Einstein’s ideas were shown to be correct. A scientist uses many tools for measurements. Then themeasurements are used to make mathematical calculations that may test his investigations.1. What makes a scientist according to the passage? A. The tools he uses. B. The way he uses his tools. C. His way of learning. D. The various tools he uses.2. “The scientist, however, goes one step further…”. The author says this to show _______. A. the importance of informationB. the importance of thinking C. the difference between scientists and ordinary people D. the difference between carpenters and people with other jobs3. A sound scientific theory should be one that _______.A. works not only under one set of conditions at one time, but also under the same conditions at othertimes B. does not allow any changes even under different conditions C. can be used for many purposes D. leave no room for improvement4. The author quotes the case of Albert Einstein to illustrate _______. A. that measurements are keys to success in science B. that accuracy of mathematics C. that the investigations are important in science D. that the mathematical calculations may test his investigations5. What is the main idea of the passage? A. The theory of relativity.B. Exactness is the core of science. C. Scientists are different from ordinary people.D. Exactness and ways of using tools are the keys to the making of a scientist.答案:BCACD四、Vocabulary and Grammar(词汇与语法)1. Once environmental damage ____, it takes many years for the system to recover.A. is to do B. does C. had done D. is done答案:D2. We worked hard and completed the task ____. 大学英语 4 第 8 页 共 13 页 A. in the time B. on the timeC. ahead of time D. before time答案:C3. I didn’t expect you to turn ____ at the meeting yesterday.A. up B. to C. out D. over答案:A4. We’ll go for a picnic if it ________tomorrow. A. isn't going to rain B. won't rainC. doesn't rain D. isn't raining答案:C5. Five-year-old children are too young to go to school, ________? A. are they B. aren't they C. were they D. have they答案:A6. The dog was tearing the cloth _____ its teeth. A. with B. by C. through D.in 答案:A 7. Compared with last year, the output of the factory this year has increased____20%. A. with B. at C. for D. by 答案:D8. The____ is nearly shortage of electricity, so I cannot start the car again. A. bean B. beam C. bake D. battery答案:D9. There____a lot of____on the roads yesterday. A. was…traffic B. were…traffics C. was…traffics D. were…traffic 答案:A10. We’ve ____paper and ink. Ask Mr. Howard to lend us some. A. run away with B. run out of C. run off D. run down答案:B11. Professor, would you slow down a bit, please? I can't _______you.A. keep up withB. put up withC. make up toD. hold on to答案:A12. A: Must we finish the work right now?B: No, you _______. You can do it tomorrow.A. needn'tB. shouldn'tC. mustn'tD. can't答案:A大学英语 4 第 9 页 共 13 页
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