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《大学英语 4》课程考试模 拟 试 卷Part I Dialogue Completion(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)Directions: In this part, you will read five short incomplete dialogues, each followed by four choices marked A, B,C and D. Choose the answer that best suits the situation and write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.1. — Excuse me, I don’t want to interrupt you but ...— ___________A. Can I help you? B. Certainly, how are you?C. It’s quite all right. D. Yes, you did.2. — We are going to have a singing party tonight. Would you like to join us?— A. I’m afraid not, because I have to go to an important meeting.B. Of course not. I have no idea.C. No, I can’t.D. That’s all set.3. — Marilyn, I’m afraid I have to be leaving now. — A. That sounds wonderful. C. Not at all.B. Oh, so early.D. Good Luck!4. — Hi, welcome back! Have a nice trip? — A. Oh, fantastic! Fresh air and sunshine every day.B. Come on, I’ve got lots of fun.C. By the way. I don’t like Saturdays.D. Well, I’ll look forward to your phone call.5. — Could you be so kind as to turn down that rock “n” roll? I’m preparing for tomorrow’s exam. — A. It’s none of your business. B. What are you doing?大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 1 页 共 10 页 4—6 分:语言基本功差,文章中中国式英语表达居多,用词贫乏,语法错误较多,有多处严重错误。 0—3 分:语言支离破碎,绝大部分句子无法理解,语言错误很多。大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 10 页 共 10 页 C. Sure. Sorry to disturb you. D. No, I don’t think so.Part II Reading Comprehension(本大题共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分)Directions: There are three passages in this part. The first passage is followed by five statements. Decide whethereach of the statements is True (T) or False (F). The second and the third passages are both followed by fivequestions or unfinished statements. There are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the bestchoice and write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. Passage 1A story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in Vietnam. He called hisparents from San Francisco. “Mom and Dad, I’m coming home, but I’ve a favor to ask. I have a friend. I’d like tobring him home with me.” “Sure,” they replied, “we’d love to meet him.” “There’s something you should know,” the son continued, “he was injured pretty badly in the fighting. Hestepped on a land mine and lost an arm and a leg. He has nowhere else to go, and I want him to live with us.” “We’re sorry to hear that, son. But, maybe we can help him find somewhere to live.” “No, Mom and Dad, I want him to live with us.” “Son,” said the father, “you don’t know what you’re asking. Someone with such a handicap would be a terribleburden to us. We have our own lives to live, and we can’t let something like this interfere with our lives. I thinkyou should just come home and forget about this guy. He’ll find a way to live on his own.”At that point, the son hung up the phone. The parents heard nothing more from him. A few days later,however, they received a call from the San Francisco police. Their son had died after falling from a building. Thepolice believed he had killed himself.The grief-stricken parents flew to San Francisco and were taken to the city morgue to identify the body oftheir son. They recognized him, but to their horror they also discovered something they didn't know, their son hadonly one arm and one leg.1. The soldier called his parents from San Francisco after having fought in Vietnam.A. T B. F2. The soldier wanted his parents to go to the army to meet his friend.A. T B. F3. His father considered his plan unacceptable. A. T B. F大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 2 页 共 10 页 4. A few days later the parents were told by the police that their son had killed himself.A. T B. F5. The son killed himself because he was unable to find a job.A. T B. FPassage 2Shyness is the cause of much unhappiness for a great many people. Shy people are anxious and self-conscious; that is, they are excessively concerned with their own appearance and actions. Worrisome thoughts areconstantly occurring in their minds: what kind of impression am I making? Do they like me? Do I sound stupid?Am I wearing unattractive clothes?It is obvious that such uncomfortable feelings must negatively affect people. A person’s conception ofhimself or herself is reflected in the way he or she behaves, and the way a person behaves affects other people’sreactions. In general, the way people think about themselves has a profound effect on all areas of their lives.Shy people, having low self-esteem, are likely to be passive and easily influenced by others. They needreassurance that they are doing “the right thing.” Shy people are very sensitive to criticism; they feel it confirmstheir feelings of inferiority. They also find it difficult to be pleased by compliment with a statement like this one,“You’re just saying that to make me feel good. I know it’s not true.” It is clear that while self-awareness is ahealthy quality, overdoing it is harmful.Can shyness be completely eliminated, or at least reduced ?Fortunately, people can overcome shyness withdetermined and patient efforts in building self-confidence. Since shyness goes hand in hand with a lack of self-esteem, it is important for people to accept their weaknesses as well as their strengths.Each one of us is a unique, worthwhile individual, interested in our own personal ways. The better weunderstand ourselves, the easier it becomes to live up to our full potential. Let’s not allow shyness to block ourchances for a rich and fulfilling life.6. What does the author try to prove by citing “what kind of impression am I making?” (Para. 1)A. Shy people benefit from their caring about their appearance.B. People’s shyness made them care too much about their appearance and actions.C. It’s natural that shy people don’t believe other’s compliments.D. Shy people think they are different from others.7. According to the writer, self-awareness is ____________.A. a good quality B. the cause of unhappinessC. harmful to people D. a weak point of shy people8. When being praised, shy people feel that it is ____________,大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 3 页 共 10 页 A. good B. unrealC. very reasonable D. harmful9. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. Shyness helps us to develop our potential.B. Shyness enables us to understand ourselves better.C. Shyness can block our chances for a rich life.D. Shyness has nothing to do with lack of self-esteem.10. It can be inferred from the passage that shy people ___________.A. should find more of their weaknessB. should understand themselves in the right wayC. had better ignore their weaknessD. can get rid of their shyness while maintaining low self-esteemPassage 3Places to stay in Britain are as varied as the places you visit. Whatever your budget is the choice — frombasic barn to small hotel, from tiny cottage to grand castle — is all part of fun. HostelsCheap, good-value hostels are aimed at all types of like–minded travelers, who prefer value over luxury andyou don’t have to be young or single to use them. Britain’s independent hostels and backpackers hostels also offera great welcome. Facilities and prices vary, especially in rural areas, where some hostels are a little more than abunkhouse (临时住房) while others are remarkably comfortable — almost like bargain hotels.Youth HotelsFounded many years ago to “help all, especially young people of limited means, to a greater knowledge, loveand care of the countryside”, the Youth Hotels Association is still going strong in the 21st century. The network of230 hotels is a perfect gateway for exploring Britain’s towns and countryside.B & BsThe B&B (bed and breakfast) is a great British institution. In essence you get a room in somebody’s house,and small B & Bs may only have one guest room, so you’ll really feel like part of the family. Larger B & Bs mayhave four or five rooms and more facilities, but just as warm as a welcome.In country areas your B&B might be in a village or an isolated farm surrounded by fields. Prices reflectfacilities: and usually run from around £12 to £20 per person. City B & Bs charge about £25 to £30 perperson, although they’re often cheaper as you go further out to the suburbs.Pubs & Inns大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 4 页 共 10 页 As well as selling drinks and meals, Britain’s pubs and inns sometimes offer B & B, particularly in countryareas. Staying a night or two can be great fun and puts you at the heart of the local community.Rates range from around £15 to £25 per person. Pubs are more likely to have single rooms.11. In this passage the author mainly ___________. A. tells us where to stay while visiting Britain B. advises readers to pay a visit to Britain C. introduces the wonderful public services in BritainD. gives us some information about British life12. __________ are mainly built for young visitors.A. Pubs & Inns B. Youth HotelsC. Hostels D. B & Bs13. If you travel alone and want to know better about family life in Britain. You’d better stay in ___________.A. Pubs & Inns B. Youth HotelsC. Hostels D. B & Bs14. If you are interested in traveling with your friends but only with limited means, where is the better place foryou to stay?A. Pubs & Inns B. Youth HotelsC. Hostels D. B & Bs15. Which of the following is NOT true according to the last part of the passage?A. Pubs and inns usually provide visitors bed and breakfast.B. All pubs and inns offer visitors bed and breakfast.C. Pubs and inns charge a visitor £25 at the most.D. If you want a single room, you are more likely to get one in pubs.Part III Vocabulary & Structure(本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分)Directions: There are twenty incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices markedA, B, C and D. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence. Then write your answer on the ANSWERSHEET.1. When I was a child, I enjoyed __________ picture-books.A. read B. to read C. reads D. reading2. The teacher has already told me but I’m still not clear __________ to do next.A. how B. what C. why D. whether大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 5 页 共 10 页 3. It’s cold outside. You’d better __________ your coat.A. wear B. dress C. put on D. in4. One day while Mr. King was working, he had a/an _________ and his left leg was badly injured.A. business B. accident C. matter D. event5. You’d better look up the new word in a dictionary _________ you don’t know it.A. if B. that C. though D. whether6. If I had hurried, I ___________ the train.A. would catch B. could catchC. would have caught D. had caught7. If there __________ no air, people would die. A. were B. is C. be D. been8. I fell down and broke three of my teeth. I wonder how many times I have to come here and get my false teeth.A. fix B. fixing C. fixed D. to fix9. a post office, I stopped some stamps.A. Passed; buying B. Passing; to buyC. Having passed; buy D. Pass; to buy10. Americans eat _________ as they actually need every day.A. twice as much protein B. twice protein as much twice C. twice protein as much D. protein as twice much11. Ford is one of the ________ car manufacturers, with outlets throughout the whole world.A. head B. elementary C. leading D. high12. The soldiers rushed toward the wall to find ________ from the bullets.A. prevent B. safe C. shroud D. shelter13. ________ and impartial assessment of the employees’ performance at work is essential to the development ofthe company.A. Abundant B. Objective C. Capable D. Sufficient14. We made a(n) ________ deal with the American company on the imported products at the price contracted.A. dominant B. applicable C. drastic D. profitable15. This project is _______ only if we implement it in cooperation with a big company.A. realistic B. feasible C. appropriate D. reasonable16. It is an _________ of kindness to help a blind man across the street.A. act B. action C. activity D. acting 大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 6 页 共 10 页 17. Parking restrictions in this area do not ________ to disabled people.A. lengthen B. expand C. contribute D. extend18. What do you think of the book? Are there any areas that you feel are not ________ adequately in the book? A. covered B. protected C. developed D. manipulated19. While people may refer to television for up-to-the-minute news, it is unlikely that television will _______ thenewspaper completely. A. vary B. change C. replace D. shift20. I am extremely ________ to you for the timely assistance you have provided for me.A. pleasant B. grateful C. regretful D. cheerful Part IV Cloze(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)Directions: There are five blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are five choices marked A, B, C,D and E. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then write your answer on the ANSWERSHEET.Human language is a system of symbols. No other animal has a complex symbolic language that must belearned. Animal language is largely instinctive, 1 basic human language is learned speech, composed of soundsthat symbolize things, ideas, actions, and the like. We learn to read, often with considerable effort, by noticing or 2 taught that groups of letters stand for thesounds that we already know how to speak. We learn to write, with even 3 effort, by learning to form the letters,4 are symbols of sounds, and to put them together on paper so that others can read what we “say”. Since human language is a form of human behavior, there is nothing absolute about it. It has developedlowly throughout human history and will continue to develop. In the English language there are perhaps 600,000sounds, possibly more, but most of them are 5 only to specialists and are rarely used.1. A. being B. while C. greater D. known E. which2. A. being B. while C. greater D. known E. which3. A. being B. while C. greater D. known E. which4. A. being B. while C. greater D. known E. which5. A. being B. while C. greater D. known E. whichPart V Translation(本大题共 3 小题,每小题 5 分,共 1 5 分)Directions: Translate the following sentences into Chinese and write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 7 页 共 10 页 1. But this does not in any way change the fact that the regulations are unreasonable.2. We have reached the conclusion that practice is the criterion for testing truth.3. Is this definition quite satisfactory that a thermometer is an instrument for measuring heat and cold? Part VI Writing(本大题 1 小题,共 15 分)Directions: Write a composition on the following topic. You should base your composition on the outline givenbelow and write at least 80 words. Water and Life1. 随着工业化(industrialization)的推进,地球上的淡水(fresh water)越来越少。2. 生命没水就要消亡(disappear),因此人类要珍惜(treasure)淡水。3. 我们如何节约用水。大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 8 页 共 10 页 《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷答案考试形式:闭卷 试卷类型:BPart I Dialogue Completion(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)1-5 CABACPart II Reading Comprehension(本大题共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分)1-5 ABAAB 6-10 BABCB 11-15 ABDCBPart III Vocabulary & Structure(本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分)1-5 DBCBA 6-10 CACBA 11-15 CDBDB 16-20 ADACBPart IV Cloze(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)1-5 BACEDPart V Translation(本大题共 3 小题,每小题 5 分,共 15 分)1. 但这却丝毫改变不了这样一个事实,即这些规定是不合理的。2. 我们已经得出这样的结论:实践是检验真理的标准。3. 这一定义即温度计是测量冷热的工具,是否令人满意呢?Part VI Writing(本大题 1 小题,共 15 分)13—15 分:扣题,语言流畅,用词丰富,篇章结构感强,语法正确,只有个别小错。 10—12 分:扣题,语言通顺,用词较丰富,段与段之间有较好的过渡,语法基本正确,有些语病。 7—9 分:基本扣题,语言基本正确,用词有一定变化,文中错误较多,有个别为严重错误。 大工《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(B) 第 9 页 共 10 页
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