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《大学英语 4》课程考试模 拟 试 卷考试形式:闭卷 试卷类型:(A)Part I Dialogue Completion(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)Directions: In this part, you will read five short incomplete dialogues, each followed by four choices marked A, B,C and D. Choose the answer that best suits the situation and write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.1. — Would you like another slice of Christmas cake?— ___________ I’m full.A. Yes, please. B. No more, thanks. C. Why not? D. Nothing more.2. — Jim, please don’t put your head out of the window on the bus. It’s dangerous!— ___________.A. Good ideaC. It doesn’t matterB. Sorry, I won’t do it againD. It’s good3. — Could I speak to Don Watkins, please?— ___________A. I’m listening. B. Oh, how are you?C. Speaking, please. D. I’m Don.4. — Hello, may I talk to the director now?— ___________.A. Sorry, he is busy at the moment B. No, you can’tC. Sorry, you can’t D. I don’t know5. — Is it possible for you to work late tonight?— ___________. A. I like it B. I’ll do thatC. I’d love to D. I think so《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 1 页 共 9 页 Part II Reading Comprehension(本大题共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分)Directions: There are three passages in this part. The first passage is followed by five statements. Decide whethereach of the statements is True (T) or False (F). The second and the third passages are both followed by fivequestions or unfinished statements. There are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the bestchoice and write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET. Passage 1What makes one person more intelligent than another? What makes one person a genius, like the brilliantAlbert Einstein, and another person a fool? Are people born intelligent or stupid, or is intelligence the result ofwhere and how you live? These are very old questions and the answers to them are still not clear. We know, however, that just being born with a good mind is not enough. In some ways, the mind is like a legor an arm muscle. It needs exercise. Mental exercise is particularly important for young children. Many childpsychologists think that parents should play with their children more often and give them problems to think about.The children are then more likely to grow up bright and intelligent. If, on the other hand, children are left alone agreat deal with nothing to do, they are more likely to become dull and unintelligent. Parents should also be careful with what they say to young children. According to some psychologists, ifparents are always telling a child that he or she is a fool or an idiot, then the child is more likely to keep doingsilly and foolish things. So it is probably better for parents to say very positive things to their children, such as“That was a very clever thing you did.” or “You are such a smart child.”1. The word “intelligent” in the 1st paragraph probably means bright.A. T B. F2. According to the context we can guess that a genius is a normal person while an idiot is a funny person.A. T B. F3. A person born with a good brain and putting it into active use is more likely to become a genius.A. T B. F4. It is better for parents to praise and encourage their children more often.A. T B. F5. Intelligence is obviously the result of where you live.A. T B. FPassage 2What makes a person a scientist? Does he have ways or tools of learning that are different from those ofothers? The answer is “no”. It is not the tools a scientist uses but how he uses these tools that makes him a《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 2 页 共 9 页 scientist. You will probably agree that knowing how to investigate, how to discover information, is important toeveryone. The scientists, however, goes one step further, he must be sure that he has a reasonable answer to hisquestions and that his answer can be confirmed by other persons. He also works to fit the answers he gets to manyquestions into a large set of ideas about how the world works.The scientist’s knowledge must be exact. There is no room for half right. He must be as nearly right as theconditions permit. What works under one set of conditions at one time must work under the same conditions atother times. If the conditions are different, any changes the scientist observes in a demonstration must beexplained by the changes in the conditions. This is one reason that investigations are important in science. AlbertEinstein, who developed the theory of relativity, arrived at this theory through mathematics. The accuracy of hismathematics was later tested through investigations, Einstein’s ideas were shown to be correct. A scientist usesmany tools for measurements. Then the measurements are used to make mathematical calculations that may testhis investigations.6. What makes a scientist according to the passage? A. The tools he uses. B. The way he uses his tools.C. His ways of learning. D. he various tools he uses.7. “The scientist, however, goes one step further ...”. The author says this to show _________. A. the importance of informationB. the importance of thinkingC. the difference between scientists and ordinary peopleD. the difference between carpenters and people with other jobs8. A sound scientific theory should be one that _____________.A. works not only under one set of conditions at one time, but also under the same conditions at other timesB. does not allow any changes even under different conditionsC. can be used for many purposesD. leave no room for improvement9. The author quotes the case of Albert Einstein to illustrate __________. A. that measurements are keys to success in scienceB. that accuracy of mathematicsC. that the investigations are important in scienceD. that the mathematical calculations may test his investigations《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 3 页 共 9 页 10. What is the main idea of the passage? A. The theory of relativity.B. Exactness is the core of science.C. Scientists are different from ordinary people.D. Exactness and ways of using tools are the keys to the making of a scientist.Passage 3By definition, heroes and heroines are men and women distinguished by uncommon courage, achievements,and self-sacrifice made most for the benefits of others-they are people against whom we measure others. They aremen and women recognized for shaping our nation’s consciousness and development as well as the lives of thosewho admire them. Yet, some people say that ours is an age where true heroes and heroines are hard to come by,where the very idea of heroism is something beyond us – an artifact of the past. Some maintain that because theCold War is over and because America is at peace, our age is essentially an unheroic one. Furthermore, the overallcrime rate is down, poverty has been eased by a strong and growing economy, and advances continue to be madein medical science. Cultural icons are hard to define, but we know them when we see them. They are people who manage to gobeyond celebrity (明 星), who are legendary, who somehow manage to become mythic. But what makes somefigures icons and others mere celebrities? That’s hard to answer. In part, their lives have the quality of a story totell. For instance, the beautiful young Diana Spencer who at 19 married a prince, renounced marriage and thethrone, and died at the moment she found true love. Good looks certainly help. So does a special indefinablecharm, with the help of the media. But nothing confirms an icon more than a tragic death-such as Martin LutherKing, Jr. John F. Kennedy, and Princess Diana.11. The passage mainly deals with __________.A. 1ife and death B. heroes and heroinesC. heroes and icons D. icons and celebrities12. Heroes and heroines are usually _________.A. courageous B. good examples to followC. self-sacrificing D. all of the above13. Which of the following statements is wrong? A. Poverty in America has been eased with the economic growth. B. Superstars are famous for being famous. C. One’s look can contribute to being famous. D. Heroes and heroines can only emerge in war times.《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 4 页 共 9 页 14. Beautiful young Diana Spencer found her genuine love ________.A. when she was 19         B. when she became a princessC. just before her death        D. after she gave birth to a prince15. What is more likely to set an icon’s status?A. Good looks. B. Tragic and early death.C. Personal attraction. D. The quality of one’s story.Part III Vocabulary & Structure(本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分)Directions: There are twenty incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices markedA, B, C and D. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence. Then write your answer on the ANSWERSHEET.1. The population of the world ________ still _________ now.A. has; grown B. is; growing C. will; grow D. is; grown2. Why not ________ your teacher for help when you can’t finish _________ it by yourself?A. ask; write B. to ask; writing C. ask, writing D. asking; write3. I like the teacher _________ classes are very interesting and creative.A. which B. who C. what D. whose4. — Shall I take you to the shopping mall after work?— No, thanks. My father said he would _________ on his way home.A. look for me B. pick me up C. let me down D. take after me5. Mark is a clerk ___________ a job in a bookstore.A. in B. with C. to D. for6. Had you listened to the doctor, you _________ all right now.A. are B. were C. would be D. would have been7. ___________, I would take an umbrella with me.A. Had I been you B. I were you C. Were I you D. I had been you8. The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street, but his mother told him ___________.A. not to B. not to do C. not do it D. do not do9. Mrs. Smith warned her daughter __________ after drinking.A. never to drive B. to never drive C. never driving D. never drive10. With the man __________ us ahead, we had no trouble finding the village. 《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 5 页 共 9 页 A. to guide B. guiding C. guided D. to have guide11. The boss, narrow-minded and quick-tempered, ________ to get angry when others disagree with her. A. plans B. comes C. intends D. tends12. It is believed in sport what really _________ is not the winning but the playing. A. counts B. pays C. aims D. happens13. Please put aside that issue for the time being and _________ your minds on the following problems. A. put B. place C. turn D. focus14. I found it hard to keep my __________ on my study with such a noise going on.A. concentration B. attraction C. intelligence D. interest 15. Landslides have cut off many villages in the __________ mountain areas.A. far B. remote C. farther D. further16. I _________ round in my seat to speak to her, as a result of which I was scolded by the teacher.A. waved B. twisted C. overlooked D. stayed17. A fully qualified _________ can help different parties to overcome language barriers and bring about ameeting of minds like milk mingling with water.A. interpreter B. guide C. agent D. companion18. He is a stern father, and sometimes too uncompromising to __________ the children’s mistakes.A. excuse B. excusing C. interrupt D. interrupting19. Only a very delicate thermometer can _________ such tiny changes in temperature in a precise way.A. count B. relate C. measure D. number20. This country has made great technological achievements. Recently it __________ another satellite.A. fired B. shot C. launched D. mobilizedPart IV Cloze(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)Directions: There are five blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are five choices marked A, B, C,D and E. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then write your answer on the ANSWERSHEET.Once, a king showed two men a large basket in the garden. He told them to fill it with water from a well.After they 1 their work, he left them, saying, “When the sun is down, I will come and see your work.”At last one of them said, “What’s the use of doing this foolish work? We can 2 fill the basket.” The otherman answered, “That is none of your business.” The first man said, “You may do as you like, but I am going towork at 3 so foolish.”《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 6 页 共 9 页 He threw down his bucket and went away. The other man said no word, and kept on carrying water. At lastthe well was almost 4 .As he poured the last bucket of water into the basket, he saw a bright thing in it. He picked it up. It was abeautiful gold ring. Just then the king came. As soon as he saw the ring, he knew that he had found the kind ofman he wanted. He told him to keep the ring for himself. “You have done so well in this little thing,” he said, “ 5 now I know I can believe you with many things.”1. A. that B. nothing C. empty D. began E. never2. A. that B. nothing C. empty D. began E. never3. A. that B. nothing C. empty D. began E. never4. A. that B. nothing C. empty D. began E. never5. A. that B. nothing C. empty D. began E. neverPart V Translation(本大题共 3 小题,每小题 5 分,共 1 5 分)Directions: Translate the following sentences into Chinese and write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.1. We know the truth that the world is in constant change and motion.2. The result of invention of steam engine was that human power was replaced by mechanical power.3. His impression of the city was that the small, quiet and clean city is an ideal place for residence.Part VI Writing(本大题 1 小题,共 15 分)Directions: Write a composition on the following topic. You should base your composition on the outline givenbelow and write at least 80 words. My Favorite TV Program1. 你最喜欢什么电视节目?2. 你为何喜欢这种电视节目?《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 7 页 共 9 页 《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷答案考试形式:闭卷 试卷类型:APart I Dialogue Completion(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)1-5 BBCADPart II Reading Comprehension(本大题共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分)1-5 ABAAB 6-10 BCACD 11-15 CDDCBPart III Vocabulary & Structure(本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分)1-5 BCDBB 6-10 CCAAB 11-15 DADAB 16-20 BAACCPart IV Cloze(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)1-5 DEBCAPart V Translation(本大题共 3 小题,每小题 5 分,共 15 分)1. 我们都知道世界处于永恒的变化和运动中这一真理。2. 蒸汽机发明的结果是机械力代替了人力。3. 他对那个城市的印象是,这个宁静清洁的小城是最适宜居住的城市。Part VI Writing(本大题 1 小题,共 15 分)13—15 分:扣题,语言流畅,用词丰富,篇章结构感强,语法正确,只有个别小错。 《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 8 页 共 9 页 10—12 分:扣题,语言通顺,用词较丰富,段与段之间有较好的过渡,语法基本正确,有些语病。 7—9 分:基本扣题,语言基本正确,用词有一定变化,文中错误较多,有个别为严重错误。 4—6 分:语言基本功差,文章中中国式英语表达居多,用词贫乏,语法错误较多,有多处严重错误。 0—3 分:语言支离破碎,绝大部分句子无法理解,语言错误很多。《大学英语 4》课程考试 模拟试卷(A) 第 9 页 共 9 页
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